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Mending Fences

Mending Fences
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The title for this poem was inspired by Mr Yoonus Peerbocus eminent peace loving poet of Coromandel Mauritius.

We hurt
We bleed
We sulk
We cry
Beneath the
Flesh of our religion
We are human
You and I
Mending fences
A good neighborhood
A good country
By and by
Islam is self governing
From within not hating
A passerby
Because he is dressed differently
Or because he addresses another God
Sharing the same earth and sky
Why can’t we live and let others live
Instead of cutting off his water supply
Must he because of your puritanical
Sectarian hate be condemned to die?
I ask you why?
Mending fences in Islam is one way
Of wishing Jehadi terrorism goodbye.
Those who live by the sword die by the sword
History shows it clearly when they don’t comply.
Allah ho Akbar as Brotherhood and Peace
Scriptured soothing words that heal
And humanity don’t defy.
For the sake of our unborn children
We need this hue and outcry..
Rogue Mullahs disgruntled elements
our great heritage is dominated by
The lessons of Karbala .
not his hand but his Head
He gave to Yazid as a reply
Good the Bad and Evil
Don’t see eye to eye

Sunni Lover of Hussain

his body is burnt beyond relief
he a Sunni lover of Hussain
enjoined to a greater devotion
that of pain sufffering and grief
he does not need to be a Shia
or turn a new leaf
to each his own belief
a tear that becomes an ocean
true religiosity respecting
man and mankind in brief

Cry Beloved PSI

Cry Beloved PSI
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This macro shot was sent to me as an email attachment along with several others by a an ardent photographer friend, whose soul immotalizes photography though he is crossed his 85 years..his passion is as parched wanting to be slaked with images every new day..
He assisted in the founding of eminent camera clubs that flourished under his able steward ship..he did all this for love of photography .Those days photography was not about big bucks.Photography was a way to chill , connect , climb 7 floors on a pictorial rooftop called Photographic Society of India..a non commercial amateur photo club..Today it has disintegrated into a political card game club..
Everything under the guise of photography...
Yes Cry the Beloved PSI..

I sent this poem to him..after seeing the microscopic insect picture.

last i saw such insets
they were cocoond at psi
where pictorial debris
mirrored as a back eye
65 years old lady
tears that during monsoon
leak and cry
a new order giveth way
analogue doom
a digital dude
i spy
obituary to a camera club
spirit was willing
the flesh had to die
a wet hanky
a final goodbye.

Falling in love

Falling in love
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A little ant
Saw the reflection of a mountain
In a brook
a feeling of falling in love
For a fraction of a second
The heart in the mountain shook
A million words are meaningless
Just a single picture as a soul
Of a poetry book
A little fish fighting for life
The fisher man won’t unhook
Love a culinary emotion
Fried grilled over -cooked

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Poetic Pederasty

Poetic Pederasty
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Poems should speak a human language humanly connect
Poems without birth defect..
A cause and some effect.
You need not be perfect
not confuse and disconnect
spellings grammar should be checked
your feelings your hidden emotion s reflect
they gain the readers self respect
poems pompously presented by pompous pig headed poets
with a homophile past imperfect
well it’s a fault of a
greek love
congenital defect with all due respect…
bombast bedridden words blasphemously bedecked
what more can one from defrosted brains fostered pains expect
a dawn as well as any other subject …no not a rape suspect
fault lying with parentage and early childhood willful neglect
how ever hard you try you just cant get it erect..
lusterless lackadaisical libidinous lecherousness lasciviously lip tight
logged in wont resurrect..or words that don’t interconnect…before you
self introspect…man to man find a poetically new subject…

this is for those poets that are hell bent taking a new poets ass well as they can...

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Shia Kid on the Block

our children with their sheer
faith untutored sense of shia belonging
the pain
of hussain
mysticism unfeatured unlock
a few slashes
yes the puritans their pious poison we shock
a mere shia kid on the street block
shiv malik of new statesman
no child abuse talk
a shia child impersonating
his forefathers walk
absolutely clear about his priorities
no mental block
ya hussain ya hussain
reverberating in the streets of iraq
yes he is the chip of the same wood block
on eid e zahra piddling on the effigies
on the enemies of hussainiyat
with other kids of his age
at kazmain they will flock
wearing red clothes choicest lanats
bad words gallies he will rock

Shia Attitude

Shia Attitude
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our children
have an inborn fountain
gushing love of hussain
waters of euphrates
alam abbas
mashqe sakina
karbala include
bought out
by this littlle shia dude
yes as shias we were born with attitude
hussainiyat an oath stamped and renewed
much before we were born a speck of nothingness
I conclude
with our enemies we have no feud
but from this pact the enemies of shiasm we exclude
another karbala with our blood we preclude
not anymore by yazidiyat
will we be screwed
a thought in our minds
in our consciouness
in our souls
by our forefathers
as an ancestral
legacy imbued

Allah Ho Akbar a Shia's Cry

Usurped were his fathers right
Ali the Lion of Allah
Superman of Islam in every fight
Najazhul Balagha Peak of Eloquence
Height of Height
Hussain his Son with his head
To save Islam
From the Yazidi might
Darkness all around
He spread his light
His name Humanity
Allah ho Akabar
Beyond the poison
Of a namesake website
Wannabe webmasters
Chewing more than
They can bite
Muslims love killing Muslims
Muslims hate Muslims
Puritanical paroxysms
Islamic plight..
Black is Black
White is White
A black chapter
With all their falsities
They cannot hide
A Shias Honor
A Shias Pride
Enemies of Shiasm
Could not
Misguide ..
The Good the Bad the Ugly
A split open wide
It was to save Islam from
Its own enemies
That Hussain lived
Yazidiyat died

Fearless Faith of Shia Child

A coward race gives birth to a coward child

The shia child is born without fear
Even fear becomes fearless
Seeing the passion of a Shia child
As he scourges his back cuts his forehead
Ya Hussain a Mantra far more dear
In his mothers womb he did endear
The amniotic fluid tears of our race
Words written on water readable
Gloriously clear..
Beneath the flowing blood
A flood of emotions..
72 heads asking for justice
held high on Yazidi spears
our blood our sweat our tears
lanat on the enemies
the killers of Hussain
Sham the snatched chaddars
the snatched ridas
the unashamed taunts and jeers
the ladies of the Holy House
bearing the shame covering the faces
with the tresses of their hair
the mockery the unislamic sneers
a serpent seed yazid his volunteers
breaking down barriers
Arab barbarism as its head rears
Yes we remember 1400 years
Shiasm is a faith
Hussain is Humanity
Beyond all frontiers

child abuse ..shiv malik new statesman a thought comes disappears

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