Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Complete 199000 Photo Blogs At

199,008 items / 1,633,025 views

Without you out there , without my friends on Flickr Facebook Twitter Indiblogger I could not have reached this far, a journey that began here at in June 2007.. And above all I thank Flickr Support and Management , for allowing me to showcase my world and I thank Dr Glenn Losack MD who gave me two years Pro membership and this current Pro account that was given by a benefactor a person I do not know but who is my friend now..

I am a street photographer and honestly I shoot shit lying on the road obstructing my barefeet path , I shoot garbage , I shoot what you see I shoot what God shows to me and I shoot darkness in the soul of Man..

I dont promote any religion I dont proselytize I shoot pain as an Indian who calls himself a Shia Hindu.. I am perhaps one of those wretched unpublished poets of India .. I write the poetry of pain as I see it on the consciousness of my camera.

And when I die this account will be deleted for all you know , I have saved nothing I am a seashell kissed by the waves of time..

I will leave my camera eye to my grand daughter Marziya Shakir 3 and a half year old worlds youngest street photographer .. she will be the inheritor of my camera vision but not my dark world of doom or despair..

And I shall soon complete my 200000 blog too.. yes it is possible.. everything is possible as Anna Hazare has proven that a new world is possible provided we collectively make it happen..

And though my wife hates blogging , she gave me space , she cribbed she blew her top, we fought we still fight but than I am nothing a barefeet blogger a power bauble held in the destiny of a blog.. She gave life to it.. Thank you Dear One..

And I cheated on her was one of the reasons she hated my romanticism held to the soul of my angst and my blog..

And once again I thank Zain Hussain for giving my grand daughter Marziya Shakir a Nikon D3100 camera kit and this is one gift of friendship love affection I shall never be able to forget in more than one lifetime..