Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Going To Work On A Cycle - If You Are Late By 15 Minutes Boss Wont Cut Half Days Salary

Going To Work On A Cycle - If You Are Late By 15 Minutes Boss Wont Cut Half Days Salary

My Camera Has Gone Rusty Corroded The To The Core

good things
of life
in my street world
exist no more
migrants all
like never before
from where they
come their leaders
built fucked elephants
fucked parks fucked
statues spend taxpayers
money sab sale chor
garib ko mile nahi
do waqt ki roti yeh
banyae crore
money does not grow
on trees uproar
if all the scam money
all the robbed wealth
of the nation was bought
back the common mans
wife would not need
to whore on the pleas
of the poor debauched
democracy of the poor
by the poor for the poor
has also shut its doors
god above tired with
festivities shut eyes snores
the beggar bangs his head
at gods temple whines
implores .. the system
scores .. when it rains
misfortune .it over pours
robbed wealth in swiss
banks across the shores

There Is Always Light At The End of The Tunnel

Please note I was having problems with my camera and my telly lens , I shot with a 50 mm lens and some of my pictures got over exposed but the issue was not my photography I had one goal to shoot a journey and the collective emotions of the GSB community I respect and as a photo journalist blogger I would rather document this important chapter of faith in my city that touches all of us..

I dont sell my pictures , I refuse to be a coffeetable photographer I dont exhibit my art in this city I am showcasing my vision as a man pf peace all over the Internet ..

My parents made me a citizen of the world much before the internet came in my life parents Shias from Lucknow taught me that respecting another mans faith made us human.. and I follow their tenets my grand children are following the same path without narrowness of vision or belief. as photographers too.

And as a street photographer this was the best way of coming to terms with the frailty of my camera and my lens ..last night I shot the 7 day Immersion at Juhu beach, but it was disappointing for me as a diabetic and a barefeet photographer I carried both my cameras shot with the Canon EOS 7 D.. I did not realize that Hindus dont immerse their Gods on Saturday and Tuesdays so all the big Ganpatis were to arrive after midnight and I had arrived at Juhu beach at 6 .30 pm .. however I shot till 10 pm.and was absolutely tired ..I dont think I had the strength to wait till midnight I rushed home just in time to shoot the Jolly Boy Reclamation Ganesha it was heading fo visarjan to Dadar .. I have shot this below my house every year ..

I shot my good friend mentor Mr Yusuf Lakdawala at Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati .. I have not downloaded the Immersion pictures , the Jolly Boys wanted me to come for Immersion to Dadar I declined I am trying to keep myself intact for shooting the Visarjan journey of Lalbagh Chya Raja..

But I shall take a break from the GSB Ganesha journey and post last nights pictures ..

The Return Home To The Seas ..

in a world
full of chaos
the lord asks
for peace
from humanity
ill at ease
war pestilence
greed lust
for power
the greatest
ripping the poor
scams corruption
sleaze every where
bribe hafta protection
money donations
before you pay
your fees ..a system
rotten money grows
on trees falls into
the pocket of our netas
char so bees ,.
a poem my anger
your anger will
all this cease
a whiff of hope
in the breeze
one day we will
certainly have
better leaders
than these

GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha Visarjan Journey 2012

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