Monday, May 23, 2011

Removal of the Rods at Kotaya Marriammen Temple Sion Koliwada 2011

The North Indian UP Boy Gets Ready For Removal of Rod

I had moved away from the procession as my feet were swollen and hurting me like hell I shot this entire event barefeet.

I came and sat at the Kotaya Marriammen Mandir where the procession ends with the removal of the rods hooks an the chattri.

Than the people offer floral tributes to Mother Marriammen a lot of people women mostly go into a trance or possession as the Devi enters their body.

This is the first time I shot this segment normally I shoot and move away.. this year I fortified myself to shoot all this till the end and with this lot of pictures I end this series.

I had shot 1117 photos from 4 pm till 10.30 pm...

Superman of India On Hooks

Superman of India On Hooks

Our Missile of Faith On Hooks

Some Beauties Even God Could Not Create

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he created man
he created woman
he created the universe
nature birds bees animals
a craftsman with taste
but the hijra he could
not create he tried
but he could not wait
so from the rib of man
came the hijra
androgynous enigma
with womanly traits
the quintessential hijra
man loves and hate
the hijra who defies fate
battered bruised
sodomized gang raped
a man woman goddess
with heavenly
hour glass shape
a heaving overflowing
bosom nubile
lissom searching
a soul mate
thirst of man
testicular tragedy
an imaginary vagina
wont menstruate
a missing womb
missing fallopian tubes
wont procreate
sexual orientaion
slightly crooked
not straight
buried standing
the hijra
they wont
ever cremate
his burnt
out soul
a painful state
clapping his hands
dances gyrates
revolves rotates
ardh nari nareshwar
his grandeur his girth
his beauty his gait

my poem the pain of the hijra narrates
on the soul of humanity behind locked gates

Kotaya Marriammen Temple Sion Koliwada

The Unique Peace Loving Tamils of Mumbai And A Barefeet Blogger

Face To Face With Goddess Marriammen

Shooting the Magic of Hope and Hindutva

Bowing Before The Kaliammen Temple Sion Koliwada

This Is My 187158 Blog at

Hijra Fight On The Streets

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The hijra in yellow is a troublemaker and he was looking out for a fight so he picked up a soft target Sona because she was the most prettiest and getting a lot attention that he did not like so he lunged at her I would have shot more frames but he would have smashed my camera and as he abusing me too.. I was being abused because I was shooting the hijras ..I had shot him too but that time was calm and composed..
I shot him a the very end he has toned and sobered down he apologized to me cried touched my feet seeking my forgiveness.

The Pierced Painted Peacock

The Hijra Vardan And The Barefeet Blogger

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Santosh Hijra the hijra who pierced his cheeks with a 21 feet rod has taken a vow for 11 years he comes from Nasik to pierce his cheeks and the lady in the red is his Guru.. She is fond of me and it is a very strange metaphoric human fondness nothing to do with my being a man with balls and all and she with hopes perhaps no balls at all.

We met last year and I shot this event and it was the first time I had come to Sion Koliwada invited by Raja piercer I met Sam Bajaj and it was Sam who informed me of this event this year.

Guru in red is from Antop Hill I forgot to take her number Sona the vixen was giving me her number I said I would take it later I forgot , I am happy I meet them this way on the streets I know contacting them would get me more pictures I let it pass.

I am interested in shooting Hijra performers at weddings and I talk of the lowest poorly paid hijra performers from the slums.

Next the hijra whore of red light areas Peela House Kamathipura and last but not the least hijra possession.. at Dargahs exorcism..etc

Most of the hijras consider me a tantric so avoid being photographed ..I will take away their souls they say and hold it captive in a bottle they say.. I do.

The saddest is shooting the hijra kids eunuch children..sanitary pads on their genitals because of constant corrective surgery - this is the privilege of rich super rich hijra kids adopted by affluent hijras. I was too ashamed to see this and put my head down .. but this is a reality I did not would not shoot.

Hijras are seductive self obsessive about their bodies , their nudity but I avoid all such overtures and politely refuse , they offer money too.. not my cup of tea my hijra limitation in biological terms is their hijra artificial tits and I dont cross the limit.

And shooting hijras meeting them is nothing but a Hjra Vardan a gift of the gods to me..15000 images at my Flickr set Hijras of India..shot in 3 and a half years.And Hijra poems and a cross dresser gay parade set too.

Are You A Hijra?

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The hijra by this act of piercing his cheeks with a 21 feet rod takes on the avatar of the goddess.. people seek his blessings touch his feet and holistic bliss prevails.

Being in Mumbai with chains on my feet, held captive due to turbulence and trials of my own fate I am lucky as a poet I get to shoot all this.. and Mother Marriammen calls me without her blessings I could have never reached Sion Koliwada I did not know the date this ritual takes place but all in all I was destined to shoot it..

I dont know a single soul here at Sion Koliwada a call from a friend Sam Bajaj and I came rushing here barefeet and shot it till the very end.

I dont envy photographers who go to shoot wildlife nature , those who shoot fashion I am happy shooting my culture as a Hindu Shia.. I shoot the Hindu culture as it is my inheritance of Birth.. I shoot it in sheer humility and I dont ridicule a culture or show it in poor light..

Even shooting hijras is about destiny faith.. you my have camera good contacts but you must be destined to shoot hijras..I have at times forced hijras into the vision of my camera and it is known as Hijra Vardan...they have to cross my path as I cross their path too it is a cosmic connection and not fluke or chance..

I have mobile numbers of a few hijras I met at Haji Malang I never call them I am not a hijra stalker I am not into hijra sex I am not obsessed by hijras but we connect ...

And my pictures are not part of Hijra Coffee Table books the greatest insult to the freedom of the Hijra his trial his tribulation..his fight against a system that treats the hijra a third class citizen..

Hijras is not about cleavage or tits or sexuality I have shot pictures to show you that even hijras can grow tits on a barren body landscape..

The hijra is a congregational creature but he is a loner too.. its his poetry passion pathos I shoot..and than I get a weird message from a fucked Shia mind in my Facebook inbox.. Are You A Hijra and the most fucked message was from a Shia girl.. Are You A Shia..

I am Nothing I shoot nothingness I shoot void vacuous space my religiosity has got nothing to do with what I shoot .. or what shoots me much before I shoot it to...

Yes I am a Hijra in more ways than one I clap my hands with disgust on the face of Stupidity Idiocy and Racism of a narrow pea brained Mind of Man.

Possession When Devi Enters The Body

108 Rods In The Body..

Amchi Mumbai

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its only
in India
with hooks
in the back
supermen fly
hooks in the stomach
hooks in the legs
hooks in the thigh
the world below
at sion koliwada
with a birds eye
hope humanity
blessed forever
amchi mumbai
jai maharashtra
jai mumbai
keep your lavassa
keep your shanhgai
our only power
our fragrant flower
where faith
hope harmony
never dies
our paradise
hindu muslim
sikh isai
sab miljul kar
rehte hain bhai
budha hoga
tere bap ka bap
dinanath chauhan
a new war cry

Hanging On Hooks To The Back

Supermen of India Dont Need Flying Machines

The Spiritual Strength of Man

The Dog In The Manger

Bernie You Are The Best...

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Bernie Aguirre May 22 at 9:58pm Report

Hey Firoze, sometimes my access to messages is kind of flakey with my phone. Since there is no place to leave comments on your Wall, I decided to drop you a line to check up on you and your family.

I hope all is good and that you know that underneath our shared sun, moon, and stars ... Good thoughts are being sent your way from my little corner of the world.


Sona Hijra And The Beggar Poet Of Mumbai

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Sona is an extremely well bought up hijra and I sometimes wonder how she landed at the Hijra Gully No1 when I first chanced to meet her, but such is life and hope is always in transition.

I am happy that I shot the Sion Koliwada Marriammen feast as hardly know anyone here ..unlike other places I shoot this feast.

Sam Bajaj is a good friend had he not called I would have messed this event for sure.

Rod In The Mouth Hooks On The Back Pulling Trolley of Coconuts

Hijras Would Make Better Mothers Hence God Did Not Create The Hijra Conflict of Interest Too

Zalim Himmat Hai Toh Lut Le ...

The Snake Dance of a Blogger On The Soul of a Hijra