Saturday, June 6, 2009

Assalmu Allaeikum Allah be Praised

She is blind Ismail Chachas wife, she sells garments on a cart opposite the Agha Khan Jamatkhana at Bandra Bazar Road..she hails from an affluent family, but she loves to earn her bread with an infectious smile of satisfaction.

Her father in law worked for the Nizam and Jinnahs family.

Her grandson is in London.

She is the kind of Muslim Woman I salute ..enterprising , determined and god fearing

A pride of Bandra Bazar Road..

Assalamu Allaikum
a new catch phrase
a message of peace
human heart ways

The Muslim woman
dignity courage and grace
Allah be Praised
etched in the lines
within her face
she has no
hollow dreams
to chase
for the greater glory
of Allah
she will embrace
truth flowing
in the blood stream
of her Muslim race
an ancestry of
Peace and Brotherhood
exemplary life of
Princess Fatima
surrendering herself
to Motherhood
her Path of Responsibility
she will not disgrace
on a hand cart
selling her wares
children and ladies
she displays
dignity of labor
she conveys
to society
her dues
she repays

Dedicated to Nabila Khanam my dear Flickr friend

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