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Maryamma Feast Worli Seaface 2009

Maryamma Feast Worli Seaface 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Raja is a professional rod piercer, even the human juggernaut is prepared by him, where the participant is pierced with hooks back front and sides like a peacock..

Raja charges for the piercings..I am told, but than he desrves it , as he does it with an inborn passion, he was last year at Fishermens Colony Mahim and at Juhu too this year.

All the Maryamma event pictures are at my Flickr photo stream, last year I blogged it at my photographer no1 Wordpress site , this time its just Flickr.

They are all in separate sets..

Shooting Faith Without Boundaries

Shooting Faith Without Boundaries, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. My Guru KG Maheshwari known as the Dronacharya of Indian photography, and the Yousef Karsh of India, who has shot Mahatma Gandhi during the Freedom struggle as he stayed at the Birla House and finally married a fairy princess of the Birla household..always reprimanded me during public meetings or event at our club , Photographic Society of India for being trigger happy with my camera, and each roll I shot was a Velvia or a Provia or an Ilford Delta 100 the mother of all black and white films, and it cost money , a lot of money plus processing contact sheet and prints , and I was a million light years away from the computer and the internet.

I opted for photography as I had come out of a chronic alcoholism, the psychiatrist had warned me to keep myself busy , and to take up a hobby that would keep me in a drunken state..or a similar passion as I had for Old Monk Rum..I drank two bottles to keep my wr…