Sunday, April 26, 2009

Man Is An Island of Despair

man is an island of despair
a moments happiness
enviously with others
he wont share
his idyllic privacy
my camera did scare
I had caught him
in a lovers lair
they both
make a beautiful pair

Lost Childhood

no money no food
sleeping on an empty stomach
dreamless sleep no good
pain as putrefying poetry seen through
the window of my cameras soul
mostly misunderstood
karma and dharma
ongoing eternal feud
pictures frozen in time
even god has not yet viewed

to gail

Teach Her A Lesson - Burn Her Face

I shot this picture last year, I dont know the exact day, but the little girl in the center had her face burnt by her parents because she was not bringing in much money.This is the tragedy , when the child born is merely a commodity..

Now this entire lot of beggar kids have moved out of the Turner Road Traffic Signal, they beg at Linking road and Khar Telephone Exchange Signals..

Every time they see me they greet me and in a way I am a custodian of the moments of their robbed childhood that I have shot time and again despite stiff opposition from their parents relatives and guardians.

not bringing in money
her face with a hot iron
they burn
a lesson of life
the hard way to learn
yes no compassion
on the streets
its how your daily wages
you earn
nothing but
ingratitude in return
from one car to another
at the traffic signal
you dodge death and run
bare feet tattered clothes
a child on your waist
under the hot humid sun
if you die
another helpless child
will soon take your place
at the U turn
another cycle of pain
that has hardly begun