Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes I Am A Proud Maharashtrian

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my parents lie
side by side
in a mazgaon
shia cemetery
where they
eternally reside
embedded in the soil
of a city of love purity
passion and pride
what i inherited
from them
was adab tehzeeb
respect for my
cultural inheritance
i am what i am
nothing here to hide
hope hindutva
as a message
of peace and humanity
mother india
a masjid a mandir
a church a gurudwara
which is home
for all beyond
caste creed religiosity
faith the moving guide
yes i am a
proud maharashtrian

Hope Has No Color Caste Or Religion

The Barefeet Muslim Blogger In a Poetic Trance ,, Give Peace A Chance

My Godfather Bal Nandgaonkar Saab

We Are Indians First and Last

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The Optional Title Is
Give Peace a Chance

diwali aur idd sat sat
na dharam aur jat path
gale milkar karen
sirf desh ki bat
hamare bacchon ka
hamare hath
ek allah
ek eshwar
jay bhole nath

One Man Show Stopper Pratap Sarnaik

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I am uploading the last and final lot of 153 pictures at my Flickr photo stream now which will complete this set that I had shot at the invitation of my friend Purvesh Sarnaik..

And though I was fasting for Ramzan the Vartak Nagar Dahi Handi brain child of the Sarnaiks paying homage to the ancestors of the Shiv Sena party boss Shri Balasaheb Thackeray was a very pomp affair in sincerity cut outs of Shri Balasahebs father his contribution to the ethos of Maharashtra.
The contribution of Meena Tai late wife of Shri Balasaheb mother of Shri Udhav Thackeray was a walk down memory lane for the grassroots cadres of the Shiv Sena.

The most important and most beautiful piece of sculptor here right at the entrance was Chattrapati Shiivaji Maharaj on his Throne .. this was the hope humanity factor that touched everyone one.
Top Bollywood stars Marathi film Industry stars politicians gathered here to celebrates the Dahi Hand fest , and it was a well coordinated managed event brain child of Purvesh and Vihang sons of Pratap Sarnaik.

Their mother too was a pillar of support and her contribution cannot be ignored.

Here I must mention that friends of Purvesh , Govinda , Papu Bhai Sangram Musale Ramji Gulati rocking DJ many whom I dont know by name took care of me knowing I was fasting they served me Iftari at the right time batatwada fruits and cold drinks.

This is the spirit of a true Miumbaikar ..all for one one for all.

This venue has a me mores linked to my poet bloggers soul as I shot the world breaking Dahi Handi here in 2008 when the Talwadai boys from Tardeo took home the trophy pictures shot by me.

So Mr Bal Nandgaonkar Mr Jadhav and others knew me from those days as they were connected to the Talwadi dahi handi winning team.

But the most important for me at this years dahi handi was coming face to face with the scion of the Thackeray family the soul of humility in spite of his awesome family credentials Aditya Thackeray.

Purvesh introduced me to him and I just mentioned in a hushed tone that his father Shri Udhavji and I shared the same Photo Guru Late Mr BW Jatkar and that sealed my fate with this young budding statesman , I could not taint him as a politician , he is million light years from what we call politics or politicians today.

He carries the same vision as a youth in search of peace like the Nehru scion Mr Rahul Gandhi.
Two different ideologies one common goal of a United Progressive India.

I took his pictures and moved away, later I read his poems understood his zeal his angst being a poet myself I could see his reach to touch one and all..

I would love to copy and paste his new poem Brace Yourself but not without his permission , he inspired the following words

When the time comes for youth to lead
from the slavery of sycophancy we
will finally be freed hopefully
no corruption no greed
...just good thoughts good deeds
like you my heart too bleeds

So being a 58 year old man street photographer , blogger and street poet of pain I found Pratap Sarnaik a very humble man , he introduced me on the stage to the crowds and hugged me like his own brother when I took leave of this function.

So this Vartak Nagar Dahi Handi set at Flickr changed a part of me evolving my raw emotions towards a better life of peace that we all want what is a mandir or a masjid in which a human heart cannot be accommodated.

So I am happy I am as much a Hindu as the next man and as much a Muslim as the other man because we share the heritage of a single parent I envision as Mother India.

And my thread on Flickr that houses all my Hindu events feasts I have shot as passionately as my own Shia Faith is known as Hope and Hindutva A Message of Hope and Humanity.

I am also the author of a Hindu blog at Blogspot known as Firoze Shakir Kumbh Mela..

Some Games Require Team Spirit Some Games Just Collapse Like a Pack of Cards

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Three Generations Of Peace Hope And Humanity

The Travesty Of A Verdict Of Fate

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the common Muslim man
the poor Muslim man
has no time
for animosity
or hate
who survives
from one
day to the next
for good days
he waits
living at
with his
Hindu neighbor
they are both
karmic soul mates
children of a single
mother earth
the land of the great
but the politician
the religious head
use both
of them as bait
for their vested interest
a thought
in bad taste
India the land
of our childrens
hopes dreams
our prayers
on their souls
we copy and paste
live and let others live
life dont waste

Bandra Bazar Road Ganpati Revisited As a Photo Blog

I Pimp My Flickr Blogs On Facebook and Twitter

I Am The Garbage Pornographer Of Bandra

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I shoot garbage porn
garbage i see
as the end result
of sex and sexuality
that you scorn
a rose back
fucked by a thorn
used condoms
menstrual pads
curse humanity
grumble and mourn
searching 'since
centuries peace
the beginning
of a dawn
now this
you dare
not throw
in a minsters lawn
dispirited yawn
the castrated
soul of man in a hurry
by mistake
his balls were torn
his libido
'switched off and on

I Photo Blog With A Single Finger Of My Bejewled Hand

Luckily This Is Not Paris But Bandra Hill Road

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is more religiously
tolerant has no
issue with what you wear
if you wear a hijab
others do not curse
nor do they swear
whether you wear a
head scarf to
cover your hair
people on the streets
dont ogle or stare
dont pass racist laws
racist regulations
more important
issues like good governance
jobs for the unemployed
law order is the raison ',etre
fearlessly fair
its the Nations Indianess
Unity in Diversity
everyone shares
towards a common goal
a common path
of peace hope humanity
as they prepare
broken dreams
together repair
the silhouette
of the hijab
is modesty
a religious identity
of a muslim woman
but also a French Presidents
endless songless nightmare

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hijra King Of The Traffic Signal

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traffic stops
to kiss her feet
neither man nor woman
a two legged animal
with human passions
on continuous heat
her fucked fate
she could not cheat
humped forever
bumped forever
her driving seat
credulously curved
offbeat smelly
sweaty but sweet
giving comfort
to the dregs of the street
a charpoy of passion
love aesthete
when death comes
she will face it erect
with a bit of lipstick
her gurus saree
as winding sheet
face to face
with a genderless god
when they two meet
her humility her earthiness
his heavenly conceit
she was fucked forever
the day she was born
holding to her
mothers twisted teat
clapping sounds
given away to the hijras
a file they could
nor erase
or delete
the hijra
before here
dead meat
a dead account
no refund
no receipt

i will not add hijras transgender transvestites cross dressers ladyboys as contacts at facebook or flickr come what may..i take a bow i take a break..orgiastic oscillations their angst on my fucked soul they fake ..hijras from india or any make ..

Barefeet Blogger Blessed By Lord Ganesha

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra Reclamation

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These are my back log of pictures I shot and could not post as something or other kept cropping up, even now I have kept the last part of my Lalbagh Chya Visarjan pictures on hold.

And I have lost track as I shot a lot of stuff , but of late I am going slow on my photo blogging.

Marziya has come back and has taken my camera to shoot my friends and the streets ..

Advocate Ashish Shelar who builds a replica of the Temples of Maharashtra as his Ganpati Pandal is one of the finest human beings of our area.

Helping everyone in our time of need including me and he has always stood by me and my family and so I dont miss an opportunity to show you his mission of Peace Hope and Humanity.

He is veyr fond of Marziya as I am of his son Omkar a budding sportsman.

But his wife who I call Bhabiji too is a helping hand to the needy and poor of our area...the poor women some victims of domestic violence always find in her a person to fight for their human rights and she is always there for them like her husband leading from the front.

The Shelars are a very low profile couple down to earth have seen life at grass root level and dont play caste politics.

That is why kids in our area chant whenever there is social cause base morcha Desh Ka Neta Kaisa Ho Ashish Shelar Jaisa Ho ..

I am a totally apolitical man anything human touches me and the good of my city my state my country is the core essence of my photo blogs.

Abhi Salman Khan Ko Sab Maska Laga Rahe Hain

Heading Home Barefeet Blogger

I Thank The GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala For Allowing Me To Shoot The Myriad Moods Of Their Lord In Humility and Gratitude

I Had To Bid Farewell I Was Politely Asked To Stop Shooting Pictures and Leave

The Hindu Director Who Carries Knuckle Dusters To Talk of Jehad And A Muslim Blogger Who Carries a Message of Universal Peace Through Pictures

Some Pictures Are Life Time Experience Caught On The Soul of a Memory Card

Sometimes Hinduism Lies On The Soul of a Muslim Man Provided You Have Eyes To See It

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A thought gives birth
born a man
but divided on earth
he is a hindu
i am a muslim
as our
respective worth
a mandir
a masjid
on the soul
of humanity
seeking a berth
i cry in shame
we both share
a single mother
the same pangs
of pain and joy
the same childbirth
if peace was possible
why do we seek
in our next birth
divided by a wall
by politicians
religious heads
vested interests
a buried treasure
at our
as they unearth

to a poet of sensitivity

The Myriad Moods of GSB Ganesha Wadala

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Shooting Hope And Humanity In A Single Frame

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