Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother Marriammen Calls Me To Shoot Her Followers All Over Mumbai

It all began many years back I was in a cab with my wife heading to Bandra and than I spotted a procession of Marriammen followers of Mahim , I told my wife to remain in the cab and barefeet I rushed to shoot this man with the rod in his mouth , the moment he saw me I looked an alien with a turban rings etc etc he glared at me with anger and if looks could kill I was almost dead , but I am a mystic I went on shooting till a few people asked me to leave the spot ,, this was the first time I shot this feast a few frames .

Time elapsed I was coming from an actors house at Juhu Scheme in a rickshah with my help, I left the ricksha taking my camera barefeet I followed these brave men with rods in their mouths till I reached Nehru Nagar Juhu years back and it was here I met Davendar Bhima .. who became my best friend and he took me net to Mahim Fishermens Colony , and now I dont shoot  that event anymore I am not invited there , I used to be invited when Lakshmi the sister of the Ganesh Pujari used to call me personally .

I shot Sion Koliwada twice not anymore , but I met Shanmugham and Sundar from Madras Wadi and Markandeshwar Nagar ,, I have been shooting Madraswadi Marriammen feast for many years now and Sundars Markandeshwar Nagar first time this year .

This year at Madraswadi I shot a lot of videos I will upload in the night , I shot the videos on mobile phone and Canon D60.

I am not in good health so I did not shoot Shanmugham and his 5 men pulling 140 seater luxury bus with hooks in their backs ,, I shot guys hanging from cranes and the 101 rod cage with rods entering a mans body from all sides in the cage .

The most horrific was when Shanmugham was inserting a hook in a mans back and it broke I shot this on video , it was really painful pulling the hook out again , but all these Tamil guys are passionate about this feast I have documented passionately too ..that is why all the Tamil believers followers of Mother Marriammen know me very well kids women old men adults ,, they give me respect because I respect their rituals culture and Faith..

And this is the Magic of India I shoot as an Indian and nothing else ,, I become one with the people I shoot behind the cosmic camera of Hope Hindutva as a Message of Universal Peace ..And I shoot their faith as passionately I shoot my Shia Faith ,,

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi ,, Worli 2015

This evening I was invited to the Marriammen Feast at Madraswadi Slums close to Atria Mall and the iconic famous Worli Gutter by my dear friend Shanmugham.. I have been shooting this event for many years now  

I took a cab and reached there at 5 pm.. we sat outside Madraswadi , than I went in to pay my respects to Mother Marriammen ,she is housed in a beautiful temple ,,I shot the temple , the people and than some shots of the Worli skyline and garbage ,,the Worli gutter too.

Everyone knows me at Madraswadi and are happy that I shoot their feast every year .
The devotees all leave from Madraswadi to Worli Seaface , where the hooks are inserted in the backs ..Shanmugham and his team help people, with the hook insertions on the rocks , than another guy helps with the rod piercings on the Worli promenade ,..some guys insert needles on a woman's arms and back, cluster of limes hang from the needles ,,than there is the rod cage a man enters this cage and 110 rods are pierced in his body ,, I shot stills sparsely ,, but shot more videos on my Canon DSLR and my Lumia 640 ,

However I was not in good shape so I did not shoot Shanmugham and other 5 guys pulling a bus with hooks in their backs ,, I bought some bruns and biscuits for my grand kids from famous Crown Bakery Worli ,, took a cab back home and I was really really tired and deadbeat ,

This is my new series as part of my collections  Hope And Hindutva a Message of Peace Hope Humanity ,, 

Happy World Photography Day 2019

To all my photographer friends Happy World Photography day Humble Tribute to my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwari ji Prof BW Jatkar Ever...