Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ice Gola Kids Bandra Bazar Road

Ice Golawala Bandra Bazar Road

Bandra Bazar Fish Market

Bandra Bazar Fish Market ...

Bandra Bazar Fish market , is municipal market and all the fisherwomen mostly are Kolis a few East Indians and the Agris or Gujrati Koli fisherfolks..

Most of them are from Khar Danda Chimbai or Mahim Koliwada ,

The Gujrati Lady Who Feeds Stray Cats Bandra Bazar Road

She is a vegetarian but goes to the fish market to buy fish for stray cats.. she says the souls of her ancestors live in the cats.,.

The Second Cat Feeding Lady of Bandra Bazar Road

She stays close to my house and feeds the stray cats and dogs too , the third cat feeding lady is a Gujrati lady .. I have shot in the past.

The Little Angel

This Dog Is Partial To Beggar Poets

He Is Crying Because Of The Gutka Pan Masala Ban

The Beggars of Bandra Bazar Road

They say he takes drugs , but I dont know for sure , he used to beg at the Bandra Bazar and the Bandra Reclamation SV Road traffic signal near the Fire Brigade .. he has not been seen lately for quite some time.

The Most Famous Chana Pyaliwala At Bandra Bazar Road

He makes the best ragda chana pyali and tili masala , and has been serving the Bandra residents for many years now , he has a fixed clientele , and kids have grown up on his spicy tangy stuff , he sits across the Bohra Badri Mosque at Bazar Road.

The Blind Beggar Boy Of Bandra

There are quite a few blind boys who beg at Bandra Bazar Road and they walk from JJ Colony till the end of Bazar Road till Waroda Road crossroad end.

He is blind but had a subtle smile , did he know I was shooting him and he sensed I would bring out of his world of darkness into your world of spectral light...maybe he was shooting me instead with inner vision..

The Seng Chanawalas

Bandra has some old Bhaiyya families in the seng chana business and you saw them at their stalls during Mount Mary Feast , but most of them moved away to distant suburbs others changed their profession , now the seng chanawalas come from other areas to sell their stuff at Bandra Bazar Road.

The Tankiwali Bai ,, Grinding Stone Woman Has Come A Long Way..

When we were pre pubescent kids at Wodehouse Road , the one woman , who got us all excited was the tankiwali bai, those days they did not wear blouses , and the heaving while hitting the grinding stone which they worked on it put us in a frenzy.. and it was not easy attaining our moments of sexuality.

Now everyone uses the grinder and mixer and this work force died out and they are more overdressed than our times early 60s of Old Bombay ,..

MTNL Broadband Is Finally Improving Thanks To GM Mr Anil Kumar

Ever since I subscribed for MTNL Broadband I have had migraine headache heartache , bad service disrupted connection , no internet for days and than I finally approached their GM Mr Anil Kumar at Bandra Reclamation Telephone Exchange , explained to him my problems , my purpose of photography , blogging I was not using the Internet to make money or influence friends I was promoting goodwill humanity ..he was a good listener , offered me tea, heard me out .

He requested I keep patience for a few days he would personally have my problems sorted out, so his technicians Mr Johnny , head Mr Shyam Sundar Raja worked on my complaint and now since a month I have no problem at all , and because of MTNL Broadband I had kept another Internet service as stand by that of Brian Cable Channel 3 ..

I have both services ..Brian helped me when my MTNL was down so I am continuing with his services today,,, but I hope WI FI was free for everyone .. it is a need of the modern times we face. An essential service to Society.

The Veil Of Distress

in a corner
life in a mess
begging away
fleeting moments
of his illness
a barter of hope
for a few coins
your children
they bless
the beggars
of bandra
no permanent
address ..
i once asked
her why does
she not work
she answered
no qualification
no testimonial
a reference
she needs
too possess
also the sick
child takes
much of her
time she
so begging
is the easiest
way out
more or less
so every
muslim beggar
has a tale
to express
at its lowest ebb
as we progress
unless we
the state society
them no success

Jaffar Bhai - The Friendly Muslim Beggar Bandra Bazar Road

He stays at a shanty somewhere in Bandra but begs at Boran Road , or near the Shia mosque on Fridays , a very quiet soft spoken man.. he begs in silence and is very fond of both my grand daughter who have shot him too..

I have never asked Jaffar Bhai why or what made him become a beggar , but I pay him generously , though I dont encourage most beggars , Jaffar bhai is a kindly soul , and is part of the backyard of where we live.

And this refurbished documentary is an update of Bandra Bazar Road .. in the month of Holy Ramzan.

And I would rather add words to my old pictures than go out shoot pictures of people frolicking in the rains.. besides rain water is injurious to my cameras health...

The Cross Is An Integral Part Of Bandra Bazar Road

There are a large number of crosses on the roads , most of the crosses have novena services on Wednesday , the East Indians original inhabitants of Bandra were very possessive and sensitive about their family crosses, took good care of them.. and was a family heirloom of their ancestors who built them in memoriam. or in thankfulness ..for coming unscathed from pestilence disease or bad times .

The Municipal authorities have time and again tried to remove these crosses as illegal structures , but these crosses are part of Bandra heritage and the Christians have fiercely fought against this targeting of their community ..by vested interests..

The Patla Cross at Bandra Reclamation is a very famous landmark among these Crosses ..I have shot most of these crosses during a protest march by the Christians against the demolition of their Crosess and unfortunately there are more illegal shanties than crosses in Bandra now all part of vote bank politics ,,,without votes counting of heads democracy would fall flat on its face...

Bandra Bazar Is Famous For Onions Potatoes And Garlic...

Bandra Bazar Road Has Many Drunken Souls Too

Bandra Bezar Road .. The Filthiest Place In Bandra

The Muslim Dabbewali.. Now Retired ..

She used to take tiffin to school kids from their home to their schools ,, a very hardworking lady.. a known face in Bandra Bazar Road.

Memories of Bandra Bazar Road

Biloo Barber Of Bandra Bazar Road

The Live Fish Seller Of Bandra Bazar Road

He sits outside the Bandra Bazar fish market and sells fresh fish caught by guys who fish at Sea Rock, he sells the fish for them , mostly cat fish, boie , and crabs or even prawns ..

At the moment he has a huge fresh water cat fish in a tub.. but not for sale ,,,

This Humble Lady Is Self Dependent And A Landmark At Bandra Bazar Road

The Muslim Boy ..Has No Time For Toys ..

Uncle Zindagi Itni Si Aur Khab Dher Sare

The Muslim Vote In Bandra ...

After The Elections Nobody Gives A Shit About The Voter ..

Going To School ,,,,

The Traditional Congress Voter ...The Poor Muslim Lady

Mohomed Bhai Has Retired From Delivering Tiffins To School Kids

For several years Mohomed Bhai was the Bohra Dabbawala who delivered tiffin to Bandra school kids from their homes , but he aged faster than the cycle he wrote , and now he has retired completely but I hope kids who grew up on his services help him now ..but in India who really cares .. I sometimes give him money and that gets a smile on his face ..