Sunday, November 8, 2015

Woh Subah Kabhi Toh Aayegi

Jis Subah Ke Amrit Ki Dhun Me, Hum Zahar Ke Pyaale Pite Hai
In Bhukhi Pyaasi Ruho Par, Ek Din To Karam Faramaayegi
Woh Subah Kabhi Toh Aayegi, Woh Subah Kabhi Toh Aayegi

The Goat ,,,

little does he realize
that this world is not
kindly or nice
that soon he has to go
his flesh willing his soul
cries next bakra eid
he will be sacrificed
to appease the soul
of a muslim man
who has paid the price
when he bought him
from the market
checking his two teeth
his human eyes ,,
his girth his body size

sweet serenity .. pain lingers
as time flies to be or not to
be a sacrificial goat worldly
wise no he does not yearn
for mans paradise

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