Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ha Ha Street Photographer Of Mumbai..Our World You Mystify ,,

your vision
your camera eye
you spotted us
from your moving
cab they looked
at me stupefied
happy fully
satisfied they
knew i was an
actor too ..
they smiled
wished me

yes street photography
as the mother of street art
i shoot i glorify ,,my only high

to my friend mindmeld ,, a moment i shot she held her appreciation this old oak felled ,,,

I Have Taken An Appointment With The Ear Cleaner For My American Friend

this is now being made into
 a poem for my friend alex
wasserman when he comes
 to mumbai he will have his ears
 cleaned this kindly american gentleman
after this he has a dental appointment
with a Chinese doctor Dr Hu Win Chen
alex will have his wisdom tooth removed
at the doctors incense lade den .at ten
another appointment outside the rani bagh
byculla zoo to remove his corns by the local
chiropodist Mr Surywanshi Sen..he will
cut out the corns while Alex cleans his
camera lens . makes sense ,,he wants to
visit all the places Boaz visited in Mumbai
Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat  the open air laundry
filled with Bhaiyya men ..sweating perspiring
mustard oil adding to their zen..these uber
famous iconic most photographed working
men ..Alex has promised to give me a memory
his most cherished Parker pen i refused to take
the gift of his Nikon lens I use Canon a camera
that shoots eternity impressively 100 percent

i told him nothing in our friendship should cause a dent
he knew what i meant . forget forgive never ever repent

money earned is money spent greeting to him i send ..
his room booked at lucky hotel bandra ,,homely better
than an Arabs tent  now i await his comment ...

today 26/11  november is my wedding anniversary
an arranged marriagewhere i took her parents
consent 3 kids the only memory of this marital event

My Muse Has A Stalker ..Says The Sad Look In Her Eyes

the stalker defiantly looked my way a look
that was deviously evil not nice  he warned
me to find another muse his face i despised
i wanted to lash out at him for troubling my
muse for my long absence she was paying
a price ,,love stony my cosmic fate pulverized
i was a victim of my lost illusions fathomless
foolish pretentiously wise ..i was grieving seeing
her helplessness the fear of god in her eyes ..

we would meet again on some other planet
some other time she replied.. i lived i died

My Muse At Mahim Told Me It Was Time To Move On

let bygones be bygone
held captive against her
will on a wall she wondered
where i had gone she was
saddened by the absence
of this beggar poet who
was busy shooting garbage
porn leaving his muse lonely
forlorn her dreams gave birth
to hope a new moment born
she was stalked by another man
who wanted her or he would
throw acid on her face he
warned .. so she was now
at the cross roads of love
double crossed by her fate
her soul tattered and torn.

the next image shows the stalker
bare chested horny brains
just brawn she looked
at me shy silent withdrawn ..