Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ram Singh Loksatta And Me At The Durga Temple Malangad

The Beggar Poet And His Beggars Bowl

We Both Are Malangs .. We Meet Every Year At Haji Malang Mountains

Dam Dam Ali Ali Dam Dam

The Malang of Mumbai ..Haji Malang Trail 2013

I Meet My Naga Sadhus Guru Climbing Up The Haji Malang Mountains

Abdul My Internet Friend Haji Malang Mountains

He owns this juice shop and wont let me proceed up without having some juice , he reads my blogs and is a very dear friend I have known since I began climbing these mountains..

Marc And Me Are Holistically Aligned ..Dam Madar Beda Par... Underlined

Haji Malang 2013 Was A Tough Trek Of My Life

I was climbing the mountains with shoes normally I climb barefeet , and because of my Maha Kumbh trip I was not in the best of shape ... I took rest at several places , and though I did not give up,I reached the Dargah at 7 pm I had started at 1.40 pm , I shot the Arti of the Shiv Sainiks at the Durga temple for an hour.

The Master Of The Rings Neither A Slave Nor King ...Nor A Puppet On A String

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Haji Malang Urus Palki 2013 ...My New Set Flickr

  I reached Mumbai on 17 Feb from Maha Kumbh Allahabad and have been down with cold flu and cough as I had got wet in the rains .. I went to Dr RD  Parmar my family physician ,, took medication , but while under medication I climbed the mountains of Malangad to shoot the Haji Malang Urus on 24 Feb..

This is my new set and it was a painful climb,it took me a lot of time almost 5 hours , on the way some good soul gave me a stick a very sturdy one that helped me a lot..

At about 6 pm I met a Loksatta photo journalist Ram Singh who was going to shoot the march of the Shiv Sainiks led by Mr Eknath Shinde to Malangad with a arti at the Durga temple , he invited me , so I ended up shooting the entire Arti at the Temple and met Mr Eknath Shinde Sab who I had shot earlier too..I met the local Shiv Sainik leaders and corporators shot their pictures than continued up to Haji Malang.

I reached the Asthana of Abdul Bawa a holistic healer and a well known personality at Haji Malang and Kalyan.. along with Sakib my friend from Mahim and Marc De Clercq my Dam Madar Malang brother.

I met my hosts Kumar Bhai and Abhijeet Ketkar I shot the Palki , but for the first time there was no accommodation on the mountains over a lac of people were participating in this Urus .

At about 4 am I managed to get sleep at Sakibs florist shop, but I got a severe asthmatic attack .in the morning I decided to climb down the mountains aborting the Dhamal and the Sandal of Sultan Shah Baba , this I knew would hurt Rohan Patil and his dad Mr Patil Khadims of Sultan Shah Baba but I did not want to burden anyone with my health problems .

I guess I am an old man 60 .. and the Maha Kumbh trip got the better of me ..  I  was not interested in shooting the Hijras , I did shoot a few but that was it some old faces were missing.

For Marc it would be a nice change as he was shooting it first time.

So this is a very short set, only the hijra pictures will not be visible to the public only my friends listed at

I bought a beggars bowl A fakirs bowl and a lot of junk jewlery from a guy who had his stall down the Malangad mountains .

The Albino beggars were missing.. and some old beggar faces .

I have been cooped up at home since I came down from Haji Malang.

MahaKumbh Naga Sadhus Kumbh Mela

To see my restricted pictures of the Naga Sadhus you have to be a Flickr member .. To Publishers If you offer good terms open to author coffee table book on Naga Sadhus or sell my pictures ..proceeds to charity and buying a new camera .
My Mahakumbh Set