Saturday, January 22, 2011

Che Guevara In Mumbai

The Silence of The Mahatma On India Today

Its True I Am A Google Dickhead

T Shirt Collection at My Friend Al Rezas Shop Bandra Hill Road

What Has Face Got To Do With Your Karmic Personality ...

Dure Najaf from Mashad

Education Should Not Be Based On Religiosity

Spiderman Tweety and The Curse of The School Bag

The Mochi of Mumbai

The Cripple And Jesus On The Cross

Jesus Gives Me A Sideward Glance

The Male Niqab of Mumbai

Only At Firoze Shakir Blogspot Dot Com I Am Considered Positive Spam

What Is Cooking.. Fucked Word Verification at Blogspot

The blogspot developer needs to come out of his fucked sleep.. before Facebook Flickr overtake him in his sleep...

The Nepali Watchman and His Wife

Motherhood is a Dream.. To Most of Us

The Barefeet School Child of Mumbai..

The Dabbawalas of Bandra Hill Road

On a Dreamy Terrain

The Comb Sellers of Bandra Hill Road ...Only Bald People Hate Them Like Hell

Jesus Got Conned By Those Whom He Trusted and Loved

The Only Goat That Is a Couch Potato..

He belongs to Hussain Bhai who sells potatoes and onions at Bandra Bazar the far distant you can see his hand cart..

Dure Najaf Firoza and Lapis Lazuli

He Lives Hs Dreams Hiding From The Butcher

Carrying Another Mans Sin

A Face In The Crowds

Waiting For Mobile Number Portabilty at Bandra Hill Road

My Barber Has Gone International Now With This Picture

A Poet In Hard Times A Hair Cut For Rs 20

Normally I let my hair grow but constant cutting of my head for the Shia ritual called Kamazani I wont need a barber any more , and this barber shop at Chinchpokli Road Bandra I shoot every time I pass by so I have my hair cut here for Rs 20..and he is a very good man , extremely polite , soft spoken, and he likes me as a photographer..though he has yet to see my photography.

I am a Internet photographer I dont make prints or give copes..

Maria The Leper Lady Is Just Another Brick In The Wall

Marziya Plays Hide And Seek With My Camera

Barefeet Blogger Goes Formal

The Mark of Faith Kamazani

My Head Wound Is Healing

This Cat Has a Friend In New Orleans

The Cats Eyes

Will Her World Ever Change...

You dont need to be a Shia to understand the message of Husssain

A Sweet Strawberry For Sukhi Hontu

Dure Najaf Firoza Egg Shaped Opal and Akik

Onions Are Being Used As Bouquets By Florists

He Says So Much But We Have No Time To Listen To Him

Beg Or Die .. The Muslim Beggar Man

Carrying The Sins of Another Man

Carrying The Sins of Another Man

When Life Is Fucked Beyond Repair He Smokes a Joint

Asli Mucchad Panwala of Bandra Hill Road

Ise Kehte Hain Pyaz Ki Gand Main Ungli Karna

Chinese Onion

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vilayti pyaz hai
gandu bada
bhav khata hai
isi dekh kar
tamatar kar
bhi rang
badal jata hai
lasson itra jata hai
aur bazar road
main am bhaji
ka bhi rate bad
jata hai
kakdi jis ko
kal tak koie
puchta tha nahi
woh sandwich
se gul ho jata hai
age age dekhiya
kaisa waqt ata hai
is chinal
chinese onion ko
dekhar bawarchi
ral tapkata hai
aur pakistani pyaz
use marbukha bhi
nahi kjhata hai
container main
formalities karate
karate customs
main sad jata hai
yeh rasta chap poet
samjautha express
nahi kar pata hai
galiyon ke siwa
make laude ko
kuch nahi ata hai

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