Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Pandit And The Malang

in the temple
of goddess
at latur
my sartorial
hope hindutva
a message
of peace
pristine pure
the pain we
our nations
strength we
secure ..

The Royal Tambaku Timepass

Dont Upset The Apple Cart


To cause upset - to create a difficulty.


This allusory phrase is first recorded by Jeremy Belknap in The History of New Hampshire, 1788:

"Adams had almost overset the apple-cart by intruding an amendment of his own fabrication on the morning of the day of ratification" [of the Constitution].

dont upset the apple cart
business is bad breaks
my heart..i am the only
one waiting for customers
on my part the others
have closed shop.
on the rampart
man can live
without culture
but not without art
deleted doomed
wingless memories
shot apart sometimes
being dumb is better
than being smart
keeper of an orchard
what a bogart

Sir Please Dont Shoot My Picture - He Said

unlike my friends
i dont go to school
i work at my dads
shop i earn my bread
to make two ends
meet take care
of the family roof
overhead ..ask me
about garam masala
zeera dhunia dal chini
books i have not read
gilli danda kite flying
koyba kabaddi or
carom i dont play
with boys from
the cowshed
i am a proud
marathi manoos
he shook his head

a picture a blog
a poem a memory
held by a moment
of my latur thread

My Latest Update On Facebook

I am on Facebook as a serious blogger ,, I showcase pimp my blogs poetry , my restless angst I am not interested in your personal quirks likes dislikes , your religion your faith is your personal prerogative .. I am not interested in your groups your games your pages .. I type with one finger which hurts after some time so I have just a few friends on my Newsfeed whom I know personally , links you send me I dont see .. I dont add friends you suggest ,,,I mostly delete friend requests of people even women I dont know ,,, I am past the age of being sugar candy ,,, so after adding me you understand my madness it is fine if not remain sane unfriend me ,,,
I dont add hijras , hijra lovers and others simply because I dont share your thirst or your quest forgive me ,,,

Beggar Poet
Firoze Shakir

29 October ,, 1.39 am

Mujhe Garv Hai Ke Main Kuch Layak Banoo

mere mard ka
kam seekh kar
uski sahas banoo
main hoon uski
aurat uski izzat
abroo,, us ka
jism meri rooh
garibi ke tane
ghar baithe
main kyon sunoo
mochi ki biwi
mochin nahi
toh main aur
kya banoo
gar tum nahi
samjo toh
main ab kya

The Lady Cobbler Of Latur

polishing shoes
hard work needs
no excuse ..dignity
of labor ..marathi
manoos will her
life change better
prospects in the
coming future she
is confused ..her
vote for the politicians
mass wealth produce
palatial mansions
banks hotels hospitals
schools institutions
sugar mills news
ministerji has
everything from life
to choose ...as for
her she and her kind
will be polishing his
drivers shoes ..

called mochi chamar
her soul at birth was
cursed untouchable
guilty as accused

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