Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja -Omkhara

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..Mee Mumbaikar

Lalbagh Chya Raja

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..On A Mission Of Peace

Ala Re Ala Lalbagh Chya Raja Ala

Ekta Raja

I Shoot The Humility Of a King ...As He Touches Everything ..

It Is The Lord Who First Gives Me The Permission To Shoot Him

Hope Is Humanity..

god created a world
as a garden of peace
with trees overladen
with rich fruits
you eat what you eat
you shoot what you
shoot ..god in his
kindness leads me
to pictures makes
paths for me
on my route ..
so i shoot all
gods goddesses
my cultural ethos
i salute
being a beggar poet
with imagery and words
to my india my tribute
pictures speak louder
than words silent mute
street photographers
are products of humanity
good bad or ugly
who are we to refute
the third eye lodged
in the camera of our
shoots what we shoot
cosmically holistically
creating hope to click
upload compute