Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Quintessential Muslim Man also known as Miya Bhai

There are lot of them migrants from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar who have come to Mumbai in search of their dreams the politician s of the above two states and notoriously UP have done nothing for the poor and the unemployed they filled their own coffers and became billionaires overnight the people from their states come to Mumbai to make fast money become rich .. some lose out some commit suicide some go back from where they came disillusioned some take to crime some get hooked to drugs .
I met a bhaiyya once at Kamatipura he had become a transgender he was a Muslim and told me his sad tale sodomized by his roommates he was now selling his body walking on the streets ..I asked him if he will ever go back to his hometown or his family he said with a sadness his body was badly diseased he was waiting to die in Mumbai ..he was a pretty boy just 23 year old .
So the story of migrants in Mumbai is a story of pain self sacrifice and death

The Marathi Lasoon Seller Story Telling And Blogging

Necessity is the Mother of Invention they say, this Marathi Manoos sells garlic at Bandra Bazar Road .
But during the mango season he sells mangoes too and most of these Marathi people hardworking dedicated don't have their own stalls like their forefathers they sell their wares on the roads ..and none of the Congress Shiv Sena or BJP have done anything for them .
This Man was cleaning the garlic with his wife and young daughter in law ..he likes to be photographed and through my pictures I am able to tell their story ..and I don't think as a blogger anymore ..I think I am more of a street poet and a story teller ..
Blogging is too much of blah blah and duplication of other people's stories in most cases perhaps for those who are not photographer s it is a borrowed text or picture whereby hangs their tale ..
I post original content I dont search for stories but yes people in my stories cosmically search me out .
And I moved out of blogger platforms forums .
I as a street photographer do not belong to selfie melas of Kala Ghoda Festival elitist misplaced pompous pedantic art and culture .
I shoot simple people I shoot my backyard there is no dearth of stories in and of Bandra .
I take you through my pictures on a morning walk .
One day you too will start walking your own walk you need determination grit and your mobile phone .My pictures are mostly shot on my mobile phone. . Words come later hesitatingly but on the spur of the moment no picture has pre mediated text .
And for the first time I am posting my picture thoughts on Facebook and for the first time I have not deactivated my Facebook account .I mostly took a break from Facebook after every 6 months .
I have never walked so much every morning this too is first time .
Now I shall check my blood sugar report wife has just bought it and decide whether to move out from Dr Shashank Joshi to another doctor less famous and with some time for his patients .In more ways than one our Doctor is God too in disguise as a human .
Ps I have taken my blood test after 3 months it used to be between 250 to 300 .
My new blood report today
92.6 fasting
PP. 121 .5