Monday, December 17, 2012

Eli Eli lama sabachthani

Sabudana Kheer Made By My Wife

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It does not matter that I am a diabetic
good home made food has never
made me sick, my fingers i lick
through the stomach connected
to god i get my kick..
fuck blood sugar needle prick

Goat Meat Chennai As Art Form..And A Blogger Unwinds

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I did a lot of street photography in Chennai when I had free time during Moharam , I shot Hindu temples I shot Sufi shrines I shot life in Jigedevi..and a town called Dharmapuri.. thanks to Dr Abbas Ali Mir I stayed in his house .

Most of all I had good friends Mesaq and Musayb who helped me shoot 7 Moharam and Ashura in Chennai and I shall never forget the humility hospitality of the Shias of Chennai .. lovers of Hussain .

Chennai is different from Hyderabad but yet the intensity of the Shia of Chennai is intense and they are polite courteous to all azadars .. My set on Moharam in Chennai Ashura is restricted to Flickr members but you must see it, it shows the traditions of Azadri of the Shias of The South.

I have not shot Bangalore ...I have shot Kolkatta Delhi Lucknow and Mumbai Moharams .. Hussain Tekri and Mehmoodabad.

I dont know where I will be this Chehlum I have distanced myself from Moharam in Mumbai , insulted humiliated mocked by Shia lous and Shia brats of Mumbai I decided not to ever shoot Moharam in Mumbai again.

I dont shoot pictures to earn a living this is my hobby and whether I shoot pictures or dont pictures I am a Shia perhaps not a spiritual racist or a bigot but human nonetheless.

If Hussain is Humanity than I am happy shooting my city my people their faith their religion traditions and rituals all part of my cultural inheritance too.


we have
our 'evil
our means
to progress
on the soul
of humanity '
has caused
a deep dent
for our failures
shortcoming s
our children
we remember
Xmas we forget
the suffering
of our lord
we forget Lent
we created'
guns bombs
that do not defend
but kill kill kill
'our innocence

I just got up now with a few words stuck in the vortex of my mind and there was mesaage for me from my dear brother Anthony Posey ..

Anthony Posey
I am going to read a poem at church for the epiphany ( wisemen )
you have one for me, if so let me have it so you can be a part of that day

So this is for him and his people at Church with love from a beggar poet of Mumbai.

The picture is of a fort .. Mahim Fort once a pride of our State now in shambles people defecate around it and piss on the glory of lost illusions lost heritage..