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In Praise of a Poet-Old is Gold

In Praise of a Poet-Old is Gold
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 You say what you have to say
In a single line of a poem
A thought so bold
Poetry is releasing the spirit
From the flesh
Old is Gold
In praise of a poet
No bars withhold
A memorable moment
Of time pages of a newspaper
As a thought unfolds
No hatredness in your words
No regret no malice
Just you your poetry
Solitude silence breathing
Blow hot blow cold

cerebral cleavage bursting at the seams

cerebral cleavage bursting at the seams
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 pictorial pose
long headed nose
the agony of being
cerebral cleavage
bursting at the seams
the ecstacy
of not being firoze
barefeet and honey toes
constructive criticism i can take
but not annonymous assholes
piddling on my blogs under my nose
american foster blaines
pall bearers palm him
off to sweet repose
where he will gradually decompse
posthumous panegyric
poetic blows
character is what you are in the dark
never glows
multi colored venom
in some head and heart grows
the stink of human excreta
the duplicity of a thorn stabbed rose
through my prostituted poems i expose
byzantine barmecides feast and a papal nose
regensburg didactic dialogues i suppose
what is poetry post partum
postulations unpeddaled unpimped as prose
consecrated clicked on computer to compose
unfleshly body, soulless spirit juxtapose
clotheless thoughts like thoughtless clothes
internet claustrophobic web a black wid…

Broken and Burnt Wings of Poetry

Broken and Burnt Wings of Poetry
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Long live internet wires
Sedentary soliloquy
Unsleeping hours
Trembling keyboard
alphabets perspire
tapping the soul
of a sentence
a poem inspires
a pictured belief
demonic desires
a nervous system
demonstrative domes
unscrupulous spires
pirouetting papacy
choreographed Christianity
jingoistic jehadis on hire
tom tomed global peace
second hand product
stained stale seminal condom
no fresh buyers
transvestited truth
handmaiden of liars
diabolical duplicity
defrauded suppliers
flesh is weak and willing
spirit singed and retires
testicular tyranny
snipped off by pliers
doomed destiny
deathly debacle requires

cybernetic minarets of hate
allah ho akbar.....spirtual spam
radicalism , puritanism
mispaced moments of
martyrdom enquires
mullahs in hijab
mrs doubtfire

The Greatest Wedding on Earth..

The Greatest Wedding on Earth..
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

He loves licking
My chocolate caramel
Strawberry flavored ass
Me a 54 year old man not a
Forum lass
I think this is love
At first site
This solemn moment
Serendipity of soullessness
Time and tide can’t surpass
He comes begging for more
This devil whom I love equally
Minus mind minus mass
He is mine forever
This tweed headed bypass
Yes we are human
He loves me as I love him
He called me on my mobile
Said Firoze no more shall
I ever harass though
Earlier I was a snake in the grass
My Australian soul
Embedded in your multicolored ass
He confessed he wants to marry me alas
Such beautiful sounding voice
Such sharpness of a twit cut glass
For the marriage we have list
Only poem hunter poets and no working class
David Hazell, Chris Mendros, Greg Collins Ask,
Ryan James Frank Jr, Yoonus Peerbocus
The First Shrike, Kylie, Indira Babbelapatti
Leonardo Dara…

Trembling Doorspeak

Trembling Doorspeak
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 she has shut me
from the planetarium of her thoughts
my soul as it sickens rots
american woman vicariously
my downfall plots
a journalistic journey of pain
through her web slots
a cybernetic landscape
with her wrath dots
even the moon
in all its beauty
is marred by small pox spots
she a blog goddess
weary words as sling shots
living among tiny tots
a freak power trips
tailored tyranny
an epic that has become
the story of i pot
buzznet memories
diuretic discharge
on the back of a radio
hump of a dromedary
hop skips and trots
an indian digitalised poet
analogue photographer
unlearning photography
pictorial crackpots
featured pictures
galvanised sorrow
condemned as snapshots
writing this a bleeding middle finger
as the ink blots
she with her silence
my word press apparition
hamlets fathers ghost
her conscience bycotts.

firoze shakir in pain buzznet memories....

Multi Colored Sleep

Multi Colored Sleep
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 youth at a bargain
childhood absolutely cheap
adulthood fast asleep
leaking taps of
masturbative despair
tears guttered waters
testicular hope shattered
on cow dung and shit heap
raw emotions sweep
man on the moon
shot in a studio
on earth he has lost his leap
food for wild politicians
this dumb domestic sheep

Grave Reminder 2

Grave Reminder 2
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Photo courtesy Glenn Losack..

optical disillusions of the mind
that fuck man than mankind
they breach your front
to get your behind.
they let you live
a thought very kind
in a white mans world
you are black
they remind


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Frank James Ryan Jr. (9/3/2007 1:35:00 AM)
Thus the Poet becomes the Educator, and from his own experiences becomes even better then a very fine writer...he becomes yet a wiser person than he was before his experience...And that is good...very good, indeed...
Erudite, and knowledge-lending work, my friend...Rock On, Firoze...


Inspired by the words of Frank James Ryan Jr

Yes its true over a cuckoo s nest I flew
daily banter shadow boxing
From a poets boxing ring I withdrew
Like Ryan I am not a poet too
Poet and poetry like shoe laces
On a shoe..on an amputees foot
Prosthetic prophecy that
Wanes does not get its due
Hate hatredness in lieu
From the burnt out
Tree in a man s heart
As it grew
Fruits of ill feelings
Colored malignancy
To imbue
Poetry that resounds
Empty words
Loves itself but not the
Man in you
Bitterness with which we pursue
Dormant diagnostic dementia
Madness that borders on self delusions…

The Awakening

The Awakening
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Racism is an ism to which everyone in the world today is exposed; for or against, we must take sides. And the history of the future will differ according to the decision which we make.

(Ruth Benedict (1887-1948) , U.S. anthropologist. Race: Science and Politics, ch.1 (1940) .)

Evil comes to all us men of imagination wearing as its mask all the virtues.

William Butler Yeats

But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats (1865 - 1939)

I have decided as of today
The world of pretentious poets
And racist poetry to ignore
Write as much graffiti on my door
Its locked like my mind
Far away from this hate filled shore
Only good friends
good poetry
to explore
I distance myself
From juvenile banter
Cowardice within a forum
A convenience store
I will say no more
I don’t need to hog limelight
Or make a claim
Or fight someone’s battle
That I am n…

Matrix of Evil

Matrix of Evil
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 India north eastern states
Nature and indigenous god
goddesses in satiates
For the Roman Catholic Church
The bread body of Christ
The wine blood of the Messiah
As proselytizing baits
Lost tribe of Israel
Bene Menashe predates
Rabbi Avichail Eliyahu
Legndary Kuki Mizo ancestor Manmasi
Mannaseh son of Joseph
Are same he states
Armageddon waits
Hindus Brahamanic had no
Time for these states
Aryan Race was
all that mattered
to these Manus greats
junglees were no mans mates
To turn back
the Wheel of Wisom
Now it is too late
Contemporary religion
Less love more hate
Fear psychosis of spiritual oppression
Has no time to abate
The Rock denying the Lord
Thrice as the cock crows
At St Peters gates
Pontius Pilate
Washes his hands
In dreams and night mares
A past bottlenecked
In dire straits
Biblical testimony
Cross and a Crescent
Modern crusade
Between the Mullahs
And papal prelates
Slaughtered silence
Bleeding Blood
Of Christ translates

Truth In the Eye Of The Needle

Truth In the Eye Of The Needle
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This picture was taken by my wife Afshaan Shakir , this is my silver stick with the cross someone got for me from Vatican City makes quite a statement …

truth in the eye of the needle
threaded to pain
no pain
greater than that of Hussain
Karbala ..everyday
in hearts will remain
Ashura eternalised
message contain

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

a single thought in a quatrain
purifying Islam a tear humane
yazidiyat could not
this grand moment enchain
Hussainiyat is humanity
in Allahs domain
it is through amal
that Divinity attain
sectarian killings
of Shias and Sunnis
the Holy Prophets
Message bloodstain
a devilish plan
to unstabilise Islam
a Devils campaign
year after year
we renew our covenant
Ya Hussain
Ya Hussain

A Cross of Christ in a Cage

A Cross of Christ in a Cage
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Cross of Christ in a Cage
a Pope on a rampage
a medieval unknown Emperor
Words that cause umbrage
a Muslim community
hurts and heartaches
a few heads called to the Vatican
Papal hand sheikhs
Superficial remorse
for past mistakes
Turkey impending visit
political stakes
a single shot at Regensburg
so many retakes
Spiritual survival of a Rock
Rock shaterring earthquakes
early chemical warfares
200 BC Carthaginian ploy
invading romans drink wine
rendered insensible to mandrakes
masks within masks
to hide the unreal from the fakes
humans remoulting from bodies
of satanic snakes

Rest In Peace Foster Blaine

Rest In Peace Foster Blaine
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Foster Blaine (9/18/2006 1:10:00 PM)
Nothing to be found here; criticism and complaints with no viable alternatives. This is exploitation of the word poetry.. Prostitution awaits the reader.

Foster Finding Fault Faulty Blaine
Fuck you should not read my poems
And more fuck ferris wheel your brain
Or the little you have pea headed Blaine
Why don’t you read what you write
Instead of lighting a multi racial fire
Under my ass unfostered Blaine
You seem to be a fucked Voice
Of America in a dead poetic casket
Foster Blaine
Is finding faults is all that you do Blaine
Cloud bursts of your emotions
Fucked all in vain
On the metaphoric mound of my poetry
Your criticism a menstrual blood stain
Why don’t you poetically toilet train
And unleash your fucked comments
On some American scatter brain
You have so many clusterd in a white house
Foster blaine
Why immortalize me dear dick drain..
Weapons of mass destruction were
Not in Ira…

My Left Foot

My Left Foot
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Pain and sorrow of living
under foot
tells me bear silently
stoically and stay put
as love and loving
online balls frozen
as photographer no1
at buzznet
hard put
my ghoulish soul
closed terrible door
aimlessly namlessly knocking
shamelessly sneaking
buzznest html blocking
friends and favorites
not talking
comments unstocking
mocking and shocking
rocking unlocking
undocking uncocking


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 A Child of Man
Gods Man Child
a world in darkness
Hope gone blind
a naked soul
a naked behind
a future unclothed
a present maligned
battered shores of divinity
battered shores of mankind
combustible anger
fear undefined
childhood rootless
migrant meandering
awaited anticipations
in an urban prison confined
a soulless soiled symphony
a bodiless despoiled mind
as this child into manhood unwind
Pain of a poem by a poet unsigned
a poetic lapse a picture remind

the name of the restaurant where the beggar child stands is Stomach Bandra

Main to Hoon Mumbaikar

Main to Hoon Mumbaikar
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 My parents were migrants from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is quite a contrast compared to the rest of Uttar Pradesh, this just a thought, as Lucknow that I belong to is the old decadent and antiquated one, the administration one after the other has not yet got up from its stupor, so the old Lucknow that I belong to is gradually sinking in a cultural mire of poverty and degradation, Ignorance reigns supreme , no state in the North wants to emulate the success of Mumbai , so every next guy wants to wake up in Mumbai, its a punishing life , success million miles away,

Bila ticket UP se Mumbai aanewala
train ke toilet mein
TT se chupjaanewala
station ke platform
se kismet aazmane wala
the haat gadi pheriwala,
the plastic basket on his head the Macchiwala,
the long moustache growing Bandra Mucchad Paan wala ,
the Bhaji wala,
the Fruitwala
the Gaanewala,
the Aapus basket Aam wala,
the Matress cotton beating Gaddewala,
Musafir …

Unlearning Poetry

Unlearning Poetry
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 poetic pictorial , palpitations on
the emulsion of my photo blog
on mans mindless , heartless membrane
mysteries of ritualism and oracles arcane
writhings of a gods human pain
seamless silence, seeping sweat and
tear drops of a human god,
dripping drowsily as blood stains
crucified creativity , crucified humanity
pride vanity and more pain
of love sequestered beneath
bare feet and hate unslain
karma a rotting putrefying chain
dharma devilish thoughts that drain
treasures second hand squandered in vain
closed venetian blinds
of a claustrophobic congested brain
scales of justice blindfolded
more pretentious pain
in a world schizophrenic
life and living going insane
death driven cargo of
a passenger train
unlearning poetry
unlearning photography
truth maintain
prostituting my talent
for free
in an illiterate
whorish moneyless domain
read me
dont read me
write me off
why complain.

Titan Like Timelessness

Titan Like Timelessness
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 timelesseness titan like
measured by an arrowheaded cock
unsculptured monstrosity landscape
aesthetic language revile
testicular less fortitude hostile
the need was for cloakrooms but this
totem headed errect cock young
ladies beguile ..
sponsorship the name of the game
sucked up sweatless brains
headless timeless walks
page 3 wrists rolex rado omega
flash and bare in style
titan a poor mans watch
on a promenades garbage pile
carter road phallic
tombstone was it worthwhile
bandra carter road assosciation
how unversatile
dhobis drying clothes in public
seaside blasphemy and nature defile.

this is a monument built by titan watches, there is no cloak room, for the joggers, myopic dementia...stunted palm tree display that is the carter road promenade.. where I walk..and the lady minister who has funded from her ministerial kitty for part of the renovations is a poor mans live wire activist..

Racism in Poetry -A Poet in the Dock

Racism in Poetry -A Poet in the Dock
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 You've got a new reader comment at Poem hunter .

You have a new comment about you as a poet:

Nothing to be found here; criticism and complaints with no viable alternatives. This is exploitation of the word poetry.. Prostitution awaits the reader. Foster Blaine

My Reply

thank you Foster Blaine , would love to employ you as a pimp for a just cause.. once in a while prostitution does a better job than the monotony of a senselessly asexual wife... or rabidly uncoming husband , your suggestion is much appreciated .. at least I give you an alternative for you lashed out , languishing libido.. thats if you have one...and you complain more than me about your unsatisfied married life.. you should read my eunuch poetry as the other alternative to your troublesome angst..

firoze shakir


in a witness box

a poet in the dock

more of a photographer

that part of my vision

no mental block

pictorially unsee…

The Young Malang Of Ajmer

The Young Malang Of Ajmer
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 alongside his uncle
sits the young malang of ajmer
a prodigy
a clairvoyant rare
he will into your eyes stare
all your dark secrets bare
bring you out in the open
from a devils snare
your inner emotions
he will not spare
evil buried in you heart
he will tear
come to char yaar
this malangs
spiritual lair
You will keep coming
year after year
I swear
the dead the living
lying side by side
in a fair
all this
the first time might scare
the malangs 30 feet
dreaded hair
black clothes
that they daily wear
a nephew
two malangs in a pair.

This Malang is so confident, wise, his child like face merely a facade… to his inner prowess .

A Pope Apologises

A Pope Apologises
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

The Catholic apologies of 1998 and 2000 are different from those of other denominations:
Apologies are on behalf of some unidentified "sons and daughters" of the church, but not on behalf of the church itself.
The apologies are vaguely worded so that it is sometimes difficult to identify which past atrocity is being referred to.
It does not include any mention of present behavior that is sinful or deficient.
It does not describe any plan to prevent the recurrence in the future of past crimes against humanity.
The Church teaches that, as an institution, it is pure and without fault. It was created by Christ and is maintained by God to be free of error, in the past, present, and future. It is only individual church members and leaders who have sinned.
Pope John Paul II's apology was opposed by many Vatican leaders. Some church leaders felt tha…

Testimony of a Terrorist

Testimony of a Terrorist
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Said the Terrorist
Once he reached
Atop Mount Sinai
I don’t like you
Nor your people
That you call
I hate
The Man of God
The God of Man
I shall destroy
What they believe
With my faceless
humble them
As they that are humbled
By Pride and Vanity
rain blood tears
As my gift of Charity
Break their backs
That they don’t get up again
living a rarity
Only death and doom
My words of wisdom
As parity
Bomb temples
Bomb mosques
Bomb synagogues
Bomb churches
all religious
My mother was a whore
My father the politician
My faith my insularity
Terrorist they call me
My fame my unpopularity .
A new order create
Anti Christ
Satanistic supremacy
human slaves
Bonded labour
To a New Apocalyptic Moralit

All that Glitters is not Gold

All that Glitters is not Gold
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo google images

All that glitters is not gold
Sparkles, golden dusted
Wisdom as a cheap remedy
For common cold
On roads is sold
congested minds
Blocked nasal cavities
For intelligence to remold
snotty senseless sayings
To hurt other communities
Are extolled, Un Truth
Handmaiden of Falsity
Become Truth
to the eye of the beholder
True Truth withhold
Words that hurt
Weapons of Mass destruction
Maim , kill, destroy , burn
Pillage , war , unfold
We await a Healer
The Rock of St Peters
Christ behold !

Cybernetic Minarets of Hate Part 2

Originally uploaded by
flickr photographerno1 Photo Courtesy google images

Cybernetic minarets of hate
That infiltrate
Poetic forums
To radicalism cultivate
Ya Elahi what a waste
Its not about Sunni Shias
But a dangerous trend to state
Where a rant and not a poem
The rest of humanity berate
These guys paid by their
Petro-dollar states
Spiritual hegemony
On secular hearts reinstate
Keep the white man in fear
Let their guilt expatiate
These Mogadishu
other country born
UK settled new Kafeel Ahmeds
Misplaced Martyrdom seek
And a Jehadi Paradise await
A hate filled suicide
bomber waiting to detonate..