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Main Qaid Hoon Deewaron Main

Main Qaid Hoon Deewaron Main, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. mere nange
pair angaron pe ,,
maut chaukat
par baithi hui
intezar kare
salon se
kab bahar
ayega yeh
le jaun ise
is bhul bhulayon
ke taron se ,,
internet ke
wiron se ,,,

Allah Ho Akbar a Shia's Cry

Allah Ho Akbar a Shia's Cry, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. Usurped were his fathers right
Ali the Lion of Allah
Superman of Islam in every fight
Najazhul Balagha Peak of Eloquence
Height of Height
Hussain his Son with his head
To save Islam
From the Yazidi might
Darkness all around
He spread his light
His name Humanity
Allah ho Akabar
Beyond the poison
Of a namesake website
Wannabe webmasters
Chewing more than
They can bite
Muslims love killing Muslims
Muslims hate Muslims
Puritanical paroxysms
Islamic plight..
Black is Black
White is White
A black chapter
With all their falsities
They cannot hide
A Shias Honor
A Shias Pride
Enemies of Shiasm
Could not
Misguide ..
The Good the Bad the Ugly
A split open wide
It was to save Islam from
Its own enemies
That Hussain lived
Yazidiyat died

I Die Every Day ...

I Die Every Day ..., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. I was not a very good father , and I cant turn the clock back... but I did one thing I shot pictures of my first grand daughter Marziya Shakir from the second day of her birth.. posted them as a set at Flickr public private , every moment of her growth, her photography, her growing pain , her joy her birthdays , every single moment every single frame , and I would show these to her from time to time ,,,now on 24 November she will be 6 years old..and she smiles when she sees her pictures , her love for goats dogs cats fishes birds , she shot beggars , she shot the untouchables the hijras, she shot with her eyes , I never had to instruct her , now she has grow into a very pretty lady, a devout Muslim , she recites nohas , helps take care of her sisters Nerjis and Zinnia Fatima..and she has come a long way.. so I think its important to shoot your new born kids and take them back on a roller coaster ride when they gro…

The Unsung Hero Of Our Life .. For All Time Mumbai Postman

The Unsung Hero Of Our Life .. For All Time Mumbai Postman, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
he never grumbles
or complain unlike
others during diwali
he does not threaten
to go on a strike
for fat bonus or gain
he is there at your
doorstep come
shine or rain,..
soon with the
advent of
email digital era
he too will disappear
like the good
old telegram
the red letter box..
memories down
tribute to the
humility of the
Indian postman
death of a service
loss domain