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Shooting Moharam In Chennai ,, Ashura 10 Moharam

I began shooting Moharam about 15 years back after I took up Photography as a hobby..

My genre was documenting the various cultures rituals in my city Mumbai.. and being a Shia has nothing to do with my shooting Shiasm..
I shot Shiasm mainly to showcase to my non Muslim foreigner friends the world of a Shia during Moharam. and soon it became a passion I tried to shoot the main Moharam days  Ashura Chehlum  in Mumbai.

Than in 2003 or 2004 I shot Moharam in Hyderabad both Ashura and Chehlum  , later shot  Athvi a very important day when Moharam ends in Lucknow and Eid E Zehra the happy Shia day also known as Navi .

I shot Kolkatta Ashura , Hussain tekri Mehmoodabad , Chennai this series in 2010,  and Delhi Ashura with my close American  friend Dr Glenn Losack.

I shot Lucknow Ashura and Chehlum too big huge Shia days in the city of the Nawabs ,, A Shia citadel Nakhas and Kazmain.

This year an eminent French photo journalist wishes to accompany me to shoot Ashura inHyderabad , another Sp…

Aviary Still Does Not Save My Pictures To Flickr

And I will not go cry at the Flickr Forum , it edits to my satisfaction , serves my purpose , I download it as a PNG image , and upload it again as a new post at Flickr ,

I type with one finger so it is painful.. but I am seeing emotions in new light..Ashura for the Shias is an intense moment of pain , a collective memory of the genocide at Karbala . the barbarism of the early Muslims and this barbarism is genetic to Islam.. it will always be there .. and this genetic flaw creates monsters like the ISIS Jehaddists , this misplaced martyrdom serves them well, looting raping , decapitating and showing it to the world this evil visual imagery is the worst form of Terrorism..

If they had not killed the Americans or the Western captives you think the world would have bothered , who cares , the Boko Haram carry on with their killings kidnappings and they should dismantle the eunuch UNO.

And so Moharam Ashura the  Shia chant of Ya Hussain continues protesting against the oppression of Yazid…