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Shooting On One Leg and the Disaster NikonD70

Shooting On One Leg and the Disaster NikonD70
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Mystery of Pain
by Emily Dickinson

Pain has an element of blank;
It cannot recollect
When it began,
or if there were
A day when it was not.
It has no future but itself,
Its infinite realms contain
Its past, enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.

Shooting on one leg and this one leg connected to the Kundalini of my Karma of my love online.
And I never lose my balance if I do then I take it as a warning from Providence, picture lacks the inner depth required in pictures of Photographerno1.
And I have been pushed around but if the picture is destined to come to life it will.. push , pull or shove.
And I dont know if I told you at the Nasik Kumbh 2004 I was accidently pushed into the deep end , my Nikon F 100 my Nikon ED80-200 2.8 lens immersed in water be it holy waters of the Godavari and at the other end the Shai Snan or Holy Dip taking place and me in tears and as I knew h…

i am searching for you..

i am searching for you..
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 i am searching for you in the darkness of my heart

bewailing silence from your end tears my soul apart..

like a blind folded beggar..whose road you light and chart..

yes i dare to tell the world i love you..dimwitted not so smart.

you enter like a shard of light in the dakness of my heart...

The Medicine Wheel Moves Anti -clockwise

The Medicine Wheel Moves Anti -clockwise
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Just my raw poetry and raw emotion.
I writhe here and she across the ocean
I can move mountains with blind devotion

I dont need craft to fuck her
No tool no instrumentation
Just my raw poetry and raw emotion.

I finger fuck her
Punctuate her silence
through my keyboard
my rabidly rodent mouse
plague her into accepting
my come.. into a welcome situation
she cries out in pain no orgiastic hesitation.
this this is sheer screeching screwing in an online situation.
just my raw poetry as a pictorial gratificatiom...
a life time love overflowing sensation.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 All my poems about 389 of them..
I have collected and show cased them on this site..I discovered this site while surfing..I am not much of a poetry man..but love does stange things to unstange people..The Alaskan Fern..picked up a snowflake breathed life into it and as life began to pump blood and iron.. a precocious crow shat on my head.. no .. I was not lucky as Newton I did not learn the law of Gravity but I lost all that I had and I walk on my head..everytime I dare to think that I have fallen in love with..a wall.

Yes I am not a brick of a wall.. the wall has all that it needs to be called a Home.

But it does not deter me..and love is not about a free fuck or a just or unjust reward..that I am alive and love ..or that I love and I am alive is enough a reason..without unreasonable doubt.

And try not to decipher whom I love all the clues are misplaced..whom you think I love is not whom I love..I dont love a human form..far f…

O Shoe O Sand

O Shoe O Sand
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Funereal cold winding sheets of water

And my uncocked last stand

My Bald pate my Bejewelled hand

Just barely visible and O shoe O sand

Yes I am drowning in the Red Sea of your Heart

This was what the Maker intended

A suitable end to an unsuitable start.

I could have floated in the Dead Sea of your heart

Undrowned..but misery my epitaph

Scrawled in blood

On the blood shedded waters of your heart.

You love

Love more beautifiul and more smart

I shall die untenanted,,

Unrepantant Unweeping waters of you heart.

Cyberspaced love

Uncrafted Unrafted fiercly furious waters of your heart.

O Shoe O sand barefeet minstrel sings

In the cold wall to wall waltzing waters of your heart

explanation..for the very smart..or reader of hidden words.

shoe is my phallic longings to have been hung from the door of her heart and sand is cotton wool that you throw in a mans eye when you know he is a dwarf dimwitted.. dumb..drivelled doggerelled to a deaf and dead hea…

Wild Unfeline Buzz Cats

Wild Unfeline Buzz Cats
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 buzzcats. the deadliest cyber specie..buzzcats..
wild unfeline buzz cats..
they nibble us, dribble us, scribble us
us poor petrocious innocent buzzrats..
they scratch us, maim us, lame us, blame us
us poor petrocious innocent fucked rats..
god almighty we will stick to female dogs
but do save us , do save us
from wild unfeline buzz cats

personal view of the poet but not of photographerno1

petrocious is a flaccidly phallic word.. for an obedient toilet trained house trained pet.. origins.. ha ha

photo courtesy

Buzznet Poets Corner...Poets Lounge

Buzznet Poets Corner...Poets Lounge
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 profile photo steve haldane
steve from a devils advocate became the devil when he threw me to the wolves..

This is an old Buzznet post...I had rejoined Buzznet as Shia Thu No1 but after coming to the pictorial penitentiary called Flickr I have stopped posting at Buzznet and Ipernity .I could if there was a way, as I cross blog to my two sites on Bloggerspot, Word Press and my Shia site .

My homesite is photo gallery..

I just deleted a journal.. about the list of my 132 poems but it is hyperlinked to my poem edit page but what really makes me wonder that we should have a poets lounge at Buzznet as there are so many unborn poets , some slyly lying in the incubator, some slyly like me waiting to be breast the one who likes my poetry . I dont know the genre but at they call it slam poetry..the only thing I know is a slammed door that s…

God And Me Prose and Poetry

God And Me Prose and Poetry
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 You guys must be wondering why I have silenced myself.

Well I had a meeting with God at Moghul Masjid and it was really quiet about early evening and the waters in the pool with pebbles being thrown to scare the fishes by little fat faced cherubic angels as God was away and the mice were at play..
God was sitting pondering on the bench and feeding flour balls to the fishes that were at the shallow end of the pool.. it is the deep end in life that gets hit badly, the big fishes at the mercy of the angels…

God beckoned me, all of me, my bare feet, bald pate and my camera bag and my shawl. humility… my dwarfish simplicity.( I remembered she asked me why do I call my self dwarf in the first place I am not as heavenly endowed as him.. her dream man in the second place in the presence of God only children come to his shoulders.)

God looked pained as he normally does during Moharam..
And God was far too fond of Hu…

I Firoze Shakir Photographerno1 Unmounded

I Firoze Shakir Photographerno1 Unmounded
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Mound is not the one you associate with a sexually physical fecundity..
My Mound in this context is extraterrestrial and female sublime and supreme
Power of the mind.. that had bound me hand and feet .
And this poem is not alluding to my love life.. give me my moment of glee unspared.and unsparred..
these words haunted me all night perhaps I was in pain.. as my back is opened up and bleeding instead of my heart..

I Firoze Shakir Photographerno1
lay my head on the meadowed carpet of her Mound..
To listen to extra terrestrial sounds..
that penetrate soakingly sweet..
And reach my ears and unwound.

I Firoze Shakir Photographerno1
am Confucius.. confounded to her Mound
I search for Wisdom..wishfully ..wilting
Quilting, soul searchingly for some sound.

I Firoze Shakir Photographerno1
Bald, Bare assed and Family jewelled
Taking a dip in the holy waters of her Mound.
Did no reach surface got drowned.
Lost his family jewe…

Shoot But Dont Stymie..

Shoot But Dont Stymie..
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I am not a word technician, I dont rent words words rend me .

I write what I feel and what I feel I see.

I dont buy words words by me..
with a discount belie me.

I am not a word craftsman.. nor am I crafty nor does craft deny me..

I am raw bleeding bloodied emotions, I am Pain..unheralded take some time off

breathtakingly just try me..

I am a Poem Hunter .. leopard like feline from the heart of your cage unpry me..

I Firoze Shakir Photographer no1 love you as a Blog..a Written Word with your shoddy silencing gunshots.. shoot but dont stymie

Valentine..And its not Mine..

Valentine..And its not Mine..
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

My garrulous gargoyled
Coquettish cock
Sparsely feathered..
One day in my language began to talk
And to me it was no shock
It’s an up and
uncoming poets cock
unjocularly jock
words began to rock
unjawed to unlock
He said:
Bald head
You are already wed
Maritally deadly dead
Your balls badly lead
And always in debt
me caged
And hung
In the water shed.
Why do you fall in
Love on the net,
You shake us dry
And no feast or fete
And the babes you love
Already committed and wed.
Why don’t you get it over
You pathetic lousy lover
Commit hara kiri on your sodden bed
Why don’t you fuck a guy instead.
But you bald soon forget ,
You got kicked out of Alaska
Bareassed bejewelled unblest
Whats in the USA.that you cant get at home ..
Fuck Fuck and no rest
Yet you want to shed tears on the net..
And tears from my cockeyed eyelet
And all this for a big titt…

Our Lady of The Mount

Our Lady of The Mount
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Our Lady of the Mount
When the going gets tough
On her you can count
She is Love
She is Peace
Immaculate Conception
that gave birth to a Fount

The Crow Man of Carter Road

The Crow Man of Carter Road
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I think crows are more intelligent than man, the blog goddess kept a crow as a pet that loved shitting on my bald head..
The crows wait for this man, he never fails them he is always on time , he brings ghatya and feeds them without reservation..
He has named the more friendliers ones , there is Sharukh Khan that stutters while it caws , no dont think I am pulling a fast one I swear it sounds like Kirannnnnnn..
Than there is a robust healthy one, he this gentleman calls Sallu Bhai, aka Salman Khan...this guy really is pushy and is humping almost all the female starlet crows..
than there is Govinda , this crow is now making a healthy comeback.. a little ahead there are two madly in love crows they sit on the bungalow Naievedya that belongs to Abhiash Bachchan..they avoid this part of the pedestrian promenade completely...
He was going to tell me about the other crows John, Vivek, Saif ,but I was in oxymoron haste , so…