Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adding Facebook Friends Sometimes Is Adding Misery To Ones Life

The only fuck thing ,.. they want you to be like them think like them..

We Built Skywalks That Nobody Uses Instead of Improving Railway Platforms

an eye for an eye..makes the photographer blind

Sethji Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthaa hoon - the beggar poet

and i quit my job..

Facebook Fans of Mr Amitabh Bachchan..And The Wall

A Power Brand Called Mr Amitabh Bachchan

"Agar apni maa ka doodh piya hai to saamne aa."

Ham jahan pe khade hote hain line wahan se shuru hoti hai.

Mere Pass Twitter Hai...

70 Years Of A Very Long Journey.. Happy Birthday Mr Amitabh Bacgchan

Happy Birthday Mr Amitabh Bachchan Shahenshah of Bollywood

coal has finally gained importance in peoples eyes in spite of being black

i touched coal.. to enrich my illbegotten soul

the only person who understands me as an artist is jesus in my area

our city space we love to deface

garbage publicly
outside our neighbors
doors we place
born of envy we are
the evil of our race
utter disgrace
eat pan spit
all over the place
unwanted children
thrown asgarbage
we the wanting
seed of our age
in hygiene
in civic sense
lacking always
dreams we chase
borrow steal rob
what we cant
dying from
within alive
on the surface

african star ruby egg shaped moonstone i own..i love gemstones

The True Copy Of Life On The Street ..

God gifts me pictures as most of my pictures are shot from moving rickshas and moving cabs ..and I manage sometimes to get 2 or 3 frames ...I leave the interpretation to you .. but yes I do shoot Muslim beggars ..

I Shoot Garbage As Fine Art ...

I Live In The Most Beautiful City Called Mumbai ...

i shoot garbage porn
dont ask me why
the soul withers
as my city cries
raped sodomized
by the children
of the lord of
the flies ..
when it rains
the fulsome
the skies
lives and dies
playing ground
of cats and mice
dogs crows goats
all allies
life kingsize
amchi mumbai
dreams of shanghai
on the mound
of despair
lets out a sigh
of a whore
in disguise
the thighs

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