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Dennis Fernandes My Childhood Friend From Surinam

My Versova Gaon Connection

In the 80 s  I worked at Seven Bungalows as a fashion consultant at a Design Store catering to Bollywood and stayed at Danpada fishing village off Khar Danda .

Than came the riots 93 94 and life turned upside down, I got a friends place to stay in at Andheri Link road for a short while , we had already shifted two safe houses one at Chand Society Juhu and the net 11 road Juhu Scheme next to Mr Danny Dengzongpas house .. this third house too was given to me by my ex boss ..

The guys who helped me move in here from Juhu were  Koli lads I had met at a Versova bar , one of them was Prakash Koli .. he stayed with his family near the Versova jetty and though Hindus helped me a lot ,,,a friendship that has lasted till this day.

Prakash would bring me fresh catch that he got , he fished himself ,,he had a boat and caught fresh fish bombils , etc.. but I would politely refuse as my wife those days would eat only Promfret Surmai Rawas or prawns ,, no other fish.

During dry days I would go to P…

One Day I Decided No Sunsets And Began Shooting Beggars Humanly and Aesthetically Poetically

When I began my tryst with photography , I was not much into theory , at all.. I read great books on photography , I still have them, I went for trips to Konkan.. but landscape was not really my forte and mostly I shot BW using Delta Ilford 100 ASA ..

Other Kodak BW films i tried but I was a sworn follower of Ilford Delta .

I shot Velvia 50 and Provia but I played with Fuji color I liked it better than Kodak

Than came the digital and after selling my Nikon F100
I wish I had kept it for my grand daughters , I only used digital.. the Nikon D70 and later the Nikon D80

I was gifted the Canon D 70 and my grand daughter Marziya was gifted the Canon 60 D in 2011 .. we have been using the same camera now .. it serves our purpose ,,

We accidentally became street enthusiasts , I instilled the love of the camera in both Marziya and Nerjis at a very early age ,,, and they are not intimidated by photographers or their glitzy cameras.

And photography  has been a textbook of life shooting the poetr…