Thursday, September 13, 2007

he wont come back...

he bought her to mumbai
showed her the sights
gateway of India
marine drive
haji ali dargah
worli sea face
carter road
to her childish delight
he told her stay here
I will book tickets
for our return to
the hometown
tonight ..
he has not come back
almost a fortnight
she waits hoping
against hope
female fear female fright
alien city she sleeps
eats on a bench
at this sea side
under a badly lit lamplight
the folks walkers
talkers and joggers
seeing her plight
are kind and polite
help her with money
clothes and some bite
they lodged a complaint
at the bandra police station
they said they would
search for him
once they got some clue alright
she did not have his picture
only his name no height
name pappu ke pitaji
or papus father
was all she could highlight
she does not know
to read or write
her village baharpur
near faizabad district
her birthplace
no future no foresight

do you think he will come back ?
she sitting awaiting
a sound of his footsteps
she a bit of darkness ,
and he
her hope of an


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no not a political
no not a poetic
how to influence
people and lose friends
a new dale carnegie
core strategy
a new code of honor
a new religion
not to be confused
with Buddhism
you will see
involuntary renouncement
of immaterialistic thought
a new hope
a new facism
a new light under
a white house tree
karma dharma
no mind games
to be or not to be
a new iraq to be built
from a debris
new Afghanistan
to some degree
a new evangelistic
a cross eyed
cresent like
a holy fire
no guarantee
god in supermans world
an absentee
no more confusion
bushism a lock
that needs no key

north korea
set of an explosion
a kiloton
a nuclear
on a spree

revolutionary guards
an exercise on the sea
great prophet 2
clustered crackers
like diwali
at the mouth
of the Hormuz
Persian gulf
a show of strength
against the Yankee.

I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq,
it will look like just a comma because there is –
my point is, there's a strong will for democracy." –

You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror."

We shouldn't fear a world that is more interacted." –

"I tell people, let's don't fear the future, let's shape it."

"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound largemouth bass in my lake

"I aim to be a competitive nation."

You never know what your history is going to be like until long after you're gone

a web of silence

a web of silence
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
caught in
a slippery web
not of my making
a tailored web..
some heart breaking
sartorial setting
me my angst
my picture taking
of a love my love
my love her silence
as love mistaking
cybernetic love
internet shattered wires
some earth quaking
molten lava
of hate overflowing
my imagination
finger fucked
love making
a slippery
spidery web
dharma karma
of my unmaking

omerta the code of silence

my damned
on its toes
holy waters
of despair was
once baptized
made a muslim
cut wounded
born into a hindu
an Indian muslim
shia configuration
by the so called
neo muslims
their jammati cousins
highly despised
live and let live
my philosophy
of a sane world
peace peaceabilty
became a blogger
last October
on the backwaters
of her brackish
heart capsized
cybernetic love
one sided mirror
a contract on my ass
don’t be surprised
omerta the code of silence
a part of me living
a part of me demised

Obituary to a Dead Poem Hunter

imprisoned in a gitmo
of my tombstone ,
mummy like
film negative
that has me
on a mound ..
on a pedestal
a few feet
above the ground
a few lit unlit candles
the breeze of her
silence and no sound
the waves lashing
my burial ground
as they come
a part of me
in their sorrow drowned
my buried face down..
my ass multicolored
kissed blue and brown..
she stepping in her red gown
a tribute to a dead poem hunter
sentiments showered on the rebound
her assertive silence now ultrasound
dubiously drastically so profound
little weeds pushing their way
out of my ass
abound craning their necks
kissing her feet above ground
raising his leg ablutions of a holy
water her pet blood hound
my grave funereal deathly pall like
music surround..
born of a paperback
pornographic novel
my phallus
now finally in death hard bound
rest in peace cybernetic space
my resting place my final


photo courtesy

metal tiger toothlessly roars
the reader snores
as words soporific words
pours and pours
domestic chores unattended
ineternet wires tremble indoors
racism product of a european mind
the first time she saw a cockroach
and she swore
recycled regurgitation
not knowing what was in store
sudden shock poetic hymen tore

The White Mans Hoax

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Termites infesting the soul of poetry
Racism his hidden in the crevices
Of a mans white soul thoughtlessly
He hates the colored mans eloquence
In pain bleeds him with barbs unnecessarily
Superiority of his skin of his race
His downfall degradation one day
He slays his own god crucifies him
Violently makes us pay
For his sins and converts
Us to empty hollow Christianity
The black man had god much before you
A clean closer to nature love
Of man as his spirituality
White man has wealth power
No wisdom and no humanity


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Poemhunter poets please maintain 3 minutes silence for the dead departed rotten soul of our evil brother Allen James Saywell

He was crossing the Coolangatta road
Towards Banora Point and Kingscliff node
This deformed pompous Australian
Bullfrog toad
A garbage dumper had he slowed
The best of Allen James Saywell
Would have not been mowed
With a huge sound he did explode
Now slaking his thirst at Satans Abode
Analogue anomaly manual mode
This man carrying his sins
Pederasty an excessively heavy load
On life’s beleaguered crossroads
Now the best of his limericks
No downloads
His rotten soul the system
Did finally upload
He up there breaking
The Da Vinci code
Desposyni the heritage
Of Mary Magdalene Jesus Christ
on the rulers of France bestowed
Hubcap Shithead pays him tribute
With this Ode

Firkabandi ? Who is a dumb Muslim ?

photo courtesy

Firkabandi ? Who is a dumb Muslim ?

I am here at Flickr since 10June 2007.
10287 photos posted till date.
I was a photo blogger but here at Flickr I regressed into a photographer and before I had completed 3 months I was
metamorphosed into a poet blog.
What gets to me and almost kills me at Flickr a porn site a site for sick demented depraved Muslims is the quality of comments that the Flick member defecates on my posts , and if I hit this mother fuckers profile
Flickr with a pimp like attitude hints that I buy this sick sister fucker a Pro membership..Now don’t blame me for being scorchingly abusive..I am at Flickr like some of you I have paid US$47 but I don’t make too many demands or throw a tantrum like the white man, I get upset when my sets disappear or when I cant upload and Flick staff sits plumb without informing me about the probem at their end
Than again I have to let a Muezzins call Think Flickr Think..
Anyway back to the Muslims who come and shit comments.Yesterday a 32 year old Shithead Muslim halfbaked knowledge of Islam pompous preacher comes and comments that hedoes not like my Shia pictures and that it would be harmful for me ,and that it is Fikabandi a word that even Google Search is searching for..I went and wrote a stinker on his photo stream, realized that this Muslim mother fucker is here on Flickr to find himself a suitable wife, I think with his fucked attitude he wont even find one at the red light area of Muslim Cages. And his pictures of candles that he can shove up his grandmothers ass…
Now who is a dumb Muslim.?
Hasibaullah the Taliban rabid motherfucking Afghan Hound or this Gulz guy Killer who talks about Firkabandi both have one thing a common thread they hate Shias.And I shall always remain a Shia.
Now as a Shia I post pictures according to my priority my picture
prerogatives, but yes if you see my photo stream it is not Rogue Mullahs abode nor is it a sectarian promoting Lal Masjid site.
I a Shia by birth but I am an Indian Muslim which even God above and Arch Angel Gabrie will not deny. But I in most of my poems question why Muslims kill Muslims..?The present birth of a new breed of Metro sexual Terrorists without skullcaps and goatees the Kafeel Ahmed s of Glasgow, its shocking to say the least, yes the Islam that they distort and promote is the worlds most hated Killing Machine..
Here I wont talk about the seeds of Terrorism sown at Karbala, Yazidiyat, Misplaced Martyrdom, or again I will be reprimanded as a
Firkabandi promoter.
I who post pictures of all Faith, naked Naga Sadhus, Sufis Shias Sunnis too and Christians too.
So just see the pictures and move on, why give me importance..why defecate your cybernetic hate on me, if you mother fucker have balls go and rid sectarianism in Iraq , Afghanistan and the rest of the Muslim World ,why flog me for the mistakes and error in judgement of your forefathers. I am indeed happy living as a Shia a much better alternative than being fatwa fucked radical Muslim, a Wahhabi a Deobandi a Jammati or a Salafi or even a Sunni for that matter.Though my fight is not with them, I am at home at the Holy Shrine of Khwajah Moinuddin Chishti as I am at an Imambara cutting my forehead in Moharam.
Another thing why do you get upset if I shed my blood, it is my body not yours..Why don’t you raise your eunuch voice when people the Muslims kill their own, or place bombs in Masjids , in trains , but than it has always been a tradition promoted by vested interests in Islam to killa person with his head bowed in Namaz, or kill a Muslim and his family for following Allah and his grandfathers teachings.
I am not a Koranic interpreting Mullah, I am a modern Muslim but fuck you I am not as dumb as you are with your so called bigotry and hate.
So stay off my photo stream..all you Shia baters and haters..and even you Shia Wahhabis ..I am a Shia Pandit and shall remain one loving the saffron in my soul through which reflects Truth as Karbala and Faith that is Ashura,,,
Firkabandi Kiss my Ass.

Trade winds from the East
Blowing away the glory of Islam
With cybernetic Hate
Wahabbi backed money powered Puritanism
That divides one Muslim from another
And a vicious bigotry reinstate
Allah ho Akbar the call of the Muezzin
With a webmasters wickedness replaced
This is not Islam of Peace and Brotherhood
A depravity of Firkabandi sectarian hate
Talibanisation of Truth morphed doctored scriptured
Soliloquy the best of Islam by a few disgruntled elements disgraced.
Todays Muslim youth the Kafeel Ahmeds Martyrs in a Fools Paradise
Inhabitate ..
Abdul Aziz Osama and his ilk…waiting in a line
To surrender their necks at Allahs Gate
The End so called Terrorist Tyranny blackmailing of Islam
A thought replace
Shah ast Hussain Badshah ast Hussain
In my heart and the iron in my soul retrace


hickory dickory dock
the mouse nibbled my cork
hubcap shithead of
native blue criminal
blood stock
current update
suffering from
writers block
a flaccid tongue
wont talk
yes call me evil hawk
racist i am blacks
browns china men
i mock over
dead indian bodies
i walk
gangubai the gonorrheal whore
may she get chicken bird flu pox
racism in poetry breaking
multi colored poet heads with rocks
sartorial son of a seacook
shoes that are baroque
a slimy bim bombay boy
the weasel who has me

Accursed Fate of a Beggar

photo courtesy
Dr Glenn Losack

poor invalid man on barrel like automobile
his fate god a truly uninterested god did seal
his luck on the way the human vultures did steal
a pain that he lives with but cannot feel
or unpeel wounds festered sores on his soul that wont
in this life time heal

Mate Get Well Soon

photo courtesy

All you had to do was apologize
You racist monster a pretentious poet in disguise
Its not being built like a huge oak it’s not about size
Its about being born stupid and pretending to be wise
A sling a few stones was what hit the ego in Goliaths eye
And David Dazzles humping big boobed babes in Paradise
Sweating away Sweet Jesus orgiastic out splurts of Old Spice

To Allen James Saywell
Mate Get Well Soon