Friday, November 21, 2014

In 2009 I Was This Close To The Elephant That Carries The Bibi Ka Alam

This time in 2014 I found the Hyderabadi top cops with the cortege of the Bibi Ka Alam highly offensive  rude curt and I was shocked as I have the highest respect for them , I found earlier the Hyderabadi cops were polite and respectful and I was wearing my Press Card with a wound on my head so this attitude was uncalled for I did complain about this to their senior ,, we come from Mumbai not just to shoot Moharam but your adab tehzeeb culture and because we have shot it others like my American and French friend had come to Hyderabad to shoot the same .

We through our camera capture Hindu Muslim amity in Hyderabad during the journey of the Bibi Ka Alam and we dont do it for money ,, certainly not ,,

And strangely I was with Sajjad Bhai a Hyderabadi cop dressed in black clothes  , and because of him I have been able to capture the Bibi Ka Alam upclose since 2003 .

This time I could not get close to the elephant though  Abid Paiinter sitting on the elephant , he does know of  my presence is my oldest dearest friend in Hyderabad and a caretaker of Azakhane Zehra.

So these are some old memories I think I will now move out of my Moharam in Hyderabad ambit ,,,time to move on to other cities , new places new faces .

I am still undecided about Chehlum..

But Id rather stay at home than shoot Chehlum in Mumbai..

I did that last year ..

Behind The Soul Of Simplicity Lies A Smiling Face Of A Model

stop tickling my ear he said
she went on grinning instead
her smile selling a toothpaste
she was robust well fed ,,
a pretty face  lovely skin
through modelling she
earned her bread ..she
used her body she used
her head ..a radiance
redefining her beauty
she looked ahead ..

i whispered in her ears
my twitter friend sriram was
looking for a bride he could
wed she jumped with joy
her face turned red ..
she asked me whether
he was good in bed ..
i told her before he finishes
she would be dead
he does not trust Indian
condoms they easily shred
if only the manufacturers
could use a screw thread
those who screw wont
be mislead friend
srirram potent erudite
well read ..a well settled
job of a department head
single loves to mingle
eats bananas and garlic bread
but was cynical about the
marriage bed cylindrical thrust
of a poetic thread ..after hearing
my eulogy stealthily she fled