Monday, July 5, 2010

The Burden of the Marathi Woman Will Never Change

she is where she is
where her mother was
carrying her
grand mothers cross
whichever government
comes in power
in Maharashtra
none will help
her cause
they have to fill their
own coffers
what is life
without sauce
the bureaucrat
grows richer
along with his boss
Marathi ethos
Marathi manoos
by politics of convenience
all gone for a toss
empty dreams
mere rhetoric
only candy floss

Superman In The Slums

He was one tough kid and I shot him from far I was enjoying his moments , and this is the enormous resilience of the poor child he bounces back after each calamity.

Poor Indian Womens Favorite Pastime - Removing Ticks

Love Stories are Born Here Too

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love stories are born here too
girl elopes with boy next door
its true everyday something new
feasts festivals births deaths
a cycle of life follows you
living side by side
Muslims and Hindus
some cry they have no feet
some cry they have no shoes
caught in a karmic bind
colors of love in ever hue
humanity on the mound
of a garbage they have no clue
the only place where the census
wont be taken who cares a screw

to my friend

Perazhagan Bala

The Hijab

The Hijab, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

the hijab
is a muslim womens
traditional dress
a garb of modesty
all say yes
but yet the most
hated garment
by the west
a garment of
is their opinion
of their chest
ban it burn it
condemn it
they protest
the hijab
the only weapon
of their mass delusion
it gives them
no rest
a symbol of slavery
they attest
but yet the grace
the charm
the beauty
of the hijab
is always
at its best
mrs sarkozy
in a hijab

she must wear it once i suggest

Chehra Chupana Zaroori Hai

bheek mangna majboori hai
dono taraf se dhar wali churi hai
dil aur dastan ki doori hai

BJP Leader Advocate Ashish Shelar Courting Arrest at Rang Sharda Mumbai Bandh 2010

BJP Leader Advocate Ashish Shelar Courting Arrest at Rang Sharda Mumbai Bandh 2010

Mumbai Bandh 2010 5 July BJP Protesting Price Hike Bandra Sea Link

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I have kept my shop closed today and was ensconced at home when from my balcony I saw a commotion down below , I rushed in my shorts and followed the events that ensued on foot I shot the arrest of BJP leader Advocate Ashish Shelar near Rang Sharda, and BJP protesters burning sacks tyres near the Bandra Worli sea Link.

At Bandra West the Bandh is complete barring clinics and chemist shops.

The BJP protesters are moving around to see that this is a successful message to the authorities in power.

The did not stop me from shooting their pictures is the human kindness they bestowed on me a a street photographer.

A Safe Haven Called The Veil

She covers her shame begging on the path to Taragadh, and mind you it is insanely dry and hot ..and she will sit there for hours as devotees going upwards to the Chilla of Ghaus Pak or the Dargah at Taragadh will throw her a few coins.

This is the sad part of existence , he children cluster around her and without throwing doubts on her poverty , where is her husband.I dd not ask her most of the beggars I shot in Mumbai at Bandra where I stay are forced into beggary by their husbands in most cases.
And so you know how the hijab saves her from ignominy and degradation.

And I am really upset by a news in Times of India , Hands chopped off for Prophet insult by Muslim fanatics in Kerala of a college lecturer accusing him of defaming the Holy Prophet.

And Kerala the most literate and Gods own country.. Shame.

The other sad news was the fall of a six year old boy from a luxury hotel in Juhu.. Saddening.

Well this is the last segment of this memory card I have place about 99 pictures for uploading , another card remains before my Ajmer travelogue in Sufi hinterland comes to an end.

Taragadh was introspection of street pain..though it is a hilly trail, I shot it as a street photographer .

Street photography is an impulsive piece of madness you shoot with your inner eye and let the camera do the rest.

Using a digital camera makes it much easier and as much as I liked shoting film and slide I could never do it again my world is larger than 35 frames of Film.

I post everything I shoot only the dark black duds I remove.

I dont mess my pictures with cropping nor do I re-size them..they come hot and burning like loaves from the furnace of life.

And I am cooped up at home ., earlier Bandhs I took my camera to shoot the shut shops and the lonely streets , but my world is a world of people I shoot humanity and would not be able to shoot a blank canvas..

Of course for the beggar there is no Bandh at all.

Without any political overviews or influence I am apolitical by nature but yes..

I support the Bandh as the poor Mans suffering the rock spiraling prices is a silent way of eliminating him completely..driving him away from Mumbai..making it only the rich mans paradise.

I left this post incomplete and ran down as I saw BJP protesters running beneath my house to shoot the events..arrest of Advocate Ashish Shelar BJP leader and I walked towards the Sea Link to shoot protesters burning tyres and shouting slogans.

The Beggar Muslim Woman Fights A Losing Battle Of Life

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as the bombs detonate everywhere
whether she lives or she dies
who really cares a muslim
beggar womans plight
through pictures with you
i share
not to frighten you
shock you
or scare
caught wingless
in a karmic snare
a circle of pain
around a square
on one hand terrorism
on the other hand the poor
of Islam in despair
on the scales of Injustice
you can compare
these few words
is all i could spare a
as an epitaph
on the soul of humanity
wear and tear

My Barefeet Trek to Taragadh

I decided to walk barefeet to Taragadh a distance of about 6 km..I had not visited this place for many years because of shortage of time..

Ramzan Ali Bhai the Khadim of the Dargah at Taagadh had invited me, it took me about 2 hours to finally reach the top, because of my leisurely pace and I was shooting on the way.

A stretch of the most pathetic beggars of Ajmer will be found here.

The beggars with burnt bodies exposed wounds is really a horrible sight I distributed a lot of money on this stretch..

On this path heading up is the replica or Chila of Ghaus Pak, known as Bade Peersaab.

On my return I came by a van paying Rs 20.

The following day I returned to Mumbai via Surat by bus.

I shot all this on June 21 2010.

As I will not be cross blogging all this at Facebook or my other sites you will have see it directly at Flickr.

This is a separate set at Flickr for the viewers convenience only.

Muslim Motherhood Begs On The Streets

her fate she tried
but could not cheat
she had cold feet
the file of life
she could not delete
motherhood begs
on the streets
her childs
heart beat
in failure
in defeat

on the other hand
they bomb mosques dargahs
tears on the soul of Islam
their vicious mission complete
a path of destruction
without retreat
a bomb around the waist
no need of an army or a fleet
eunuch deafening silence
human consciousness
muslim society takes
a back seat
as the terrorist
devout mark
on his forehead
destroys walls
of blood flesh concrete
humanity is nothing
but dead meat
the unborn child
in a winding sheet
the nubile virgin
the suicide bomber
face to face
when they meet
gross profit
minimal loss
on the balance sheet