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The Poetry Passion and Pathos of my Bald Head .

Much before I was plagued with 3 diabetic boils that after wrong treatment went out of control I had no choice but to shave off my tresses . I have grown dreads I have had extensions but my scalp is far too weak to take the weight of the dreads so I chopped them off years back . In 2011 I was initiated as a Dam Madar Malang ...these guys have huge heads rolled up dreads over 18 to 20 feet long ..I was tempted to grow my dreads again than came the boils and I have been shaving my head every week at Rolex salon Bandra Bazar I get it shaved by Anees Bhai the senior hairdresser as he is careful and takes care of not touching my boils . I hate my Bald pate .
But there is no option the healing process is very slow ..first they caused me a lot of pain but now there is one boil that gets on my nerves . And the heat and humidity aggravate the boils giving in to itching and scratching .
But I think I have decided now to grow my hair .
Though it is during Moharam Ashura and Chehlum when I cut my h…