Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mystics

ya ali
the hub
ya hussain
the lions cub
two pillars
of peace
we belong
to that club
dam madar
beda par
ya waris piya
ya mushkil
pak ka sadka
ya rub

Come Friend Buy Some Brains

your old one
deleted doomed
blocked unfriended
on facebook ..on
the wane ..posting
blood curdling
pictures what
did you gain
why could you
not be like the
other facebook
nerds simple
plain...now come
buy my brains
buy one get
two free
no bargain
you need it
if you are on
twitter .,,fair
living among
those loud
mouth brainless
deranged ..
140 words
down the

smiling at me
the brains he
re arranged
brainy brains
quirky strange

we are born dreamers

among giants
we live diminutive
dwarfs ..we have
nothing to give
we dream big
for not getting
what we want
the god above
we forgive

Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye, ghar ke deemak ghar ko khaye

urban decay
odd staircase
you only see
what your
minds eyes
show you
they say
i shot
the death
of a home
in tones
of gray
once there
was laughter
lilt mirthful play
children shouting
banter than
suddenly it all
passed away
new walls
new owners
will now come
to stay .. old
dreams dead
gone ..far away

poem inspired by
my friends ..their
thoughts on the
soul of my poetic
i replayed ..

ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye
ghar ke deemak ghar ko khaye
jab bura waqt aye ,,,rishte bandhan
sab toot jaye kal tak the apne
ho jaye paraye ..bhatakte hue
galiyion main ab maut ke saye

Even as An Indian You Are Either A Muslim Hindu Dalit..

a christian parsi sikh
or even a buddhist..
your religious code
your cultural
background is
what matters more
the rest bullshit
in some circle
you must fit
come riots its
not just hindus
muslims but an
indian that gets hit
politics of hate
politics of divide
sub divide and rule
gives the criminals
a clean chit ..
we are inhuman
living in a snake pit
killing our humanity
bit by bit ..on human
values old traditions
of tolerance we spit
ruled by dimwits
making money
the essence of