Monday, April 30, 2012

I Bleed and With Every Stroke Of My Dagger I Curse Yazid

Freedom of the Press ...A Shia In Black Dress ..

We Think Same ...

If You are a Grand Father You Will Know What I Feel

from my children s
a few loving moments
with fruits
of his joy i steal
for me by a
generous god
a lavish meal
she shoots me
i shoot them
the world
we heal
we are spokes
of a humble
cosmic wheel

3 Street Photographers .. Past Present Future

My Grand Kids Seek The Blessings of Mr Rajesh Khanna My Mentor

My Grand Children Were Once On Facebook..

Ruth Canonico
6:39 AM (32 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Brother Firoze,
It has been a long while since I have written to you, but I often think of you and your beautiful and moving photographs of the life of the diverse people of Mumbai Tonight, Iam watching a visit Oprah Winfrey made to India and she is jsut now in Vrindavan, 'City of Widows'.
Of course it is obvious that someone with the position of Oprah, she would ahve been offered the best of experiences, but I give her credit for wanting to visit the people who live in cramped homes of one room and share a buket shower and latrines in Mumbai, and now in this city where 16,000 widows live on the streets.
Of course she also goes to big parties and meets improtant and wealthy people, but it just shows the marked contrasts in your country, Firoze.
I love seeing your photos of your beautiful grandchildren and also the ones of your street living friends and people on the fringes of society.
May allah continue to blesss you and your family always,

Nerjis Asif Shakir Walks Down Memory Lane

Nerjis Asif Shakir 9 month old goes to meet and be blessed by Mr Rajesh Khanna my patron my guide and my mentor of Bollywood...

My Grand Daughter Marziya Shakir Steals My Soul on the Canon EOS 60D

Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shoots Me on The Canon EOS 60D

Four Year Old Marziya Shakirs First Shot On The Canon EOS 60D

I shot her
on the 7D
she shot me
quite competently
on the 60 D
grand father
grand daughter
both shoot
the dregs
of humanity
live and lets
be free
from racism
narrow mindedness
shallowness bigotry
make a new world
possible shooting
pictures as poetry

Raju And Shyam of Reliable Stores Fort

To Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer With Love

The Desire To Live Died When She Buried Me In The Dead Poets Cemetery

hastily she
wrapped me in a
bleeding shroud
hid my half breathing
half dead body
from the mourning
crowds hijras eunuchs
malangs beggars
weeping head bowed
jack c crawford
flew in from
fields of frienship
we had ploughed
at the dead poets
read a board
not allowed
the heartless
woman who left
me for crying
out loud
drop in cloud

The Bandgala With a 12 Meter Pajama .. Dam Madar Beda Par