Saturday, March 7, 2015

Builder Politician Nexus Destroyed The East Indian Ethos Of Bandra Bazar Road

Madarsas Need Responsibility Accountability And Transparency

De Monte Road Bandra ..Where Jesus Belongs To Everyone

The Pigeon Feeder Will Be Jobless Too After The Renovation At Bandra Talao

This Is Another Iconic Garbage Dump at Chichpokli Road Bandra

Welcome To The Ugliest Place In All Of Bandra - Bandra Bazar Road Dump

The Municipal Conservancy Staff At Bandra Bazar Road Dump

I shot a new video here at about 4 pm , and a few stills and their lives are miserable at risk from fatal disease but who really cares not those who want India to be clean under the auspices of Swach Bharat.

The Albino Beggars Revisited And Modijis Swach Bharat

I had shot this family extensively at the foothills of Haji Malang since 2009 after that I hardly saw and this image was shot at Bandra while going to shoot the Idd Namaz.

Seven kids all suffering from Albinism begging in the blazing sun.. and this family can barely take the suns rays ,, but beg they must and because they are a rare sight , look like white people to those who dont know that Albinism is a disease , huge crowds specially kids gather to see them like clowns in a circus and frankly Indians love tamasha , any street display brings in crowds , they come .out of nowhere , if a man meets with an accident there will be crowds but none will try to save him..its all part of mob mentality ,,and its time the judiciary removed the blindfold and see that delay in trials , glib defense layers giving a second chance to criminals to escape the law will give rise to street justice like Dimapur Nagaland and somebody tweeted what if the alleged rapist is innocent what happens ,, our law and order is going down the drains cops hardcore beating women and tyrannizing the public but become cowards in front of a mob.

I digress I think I should get back to these beggars and imagine their lives full of suffering and vulnerable  because of their white skins.They too must be facing hurdles in life but will anyone really hear them out if a misfortune takes place .

Cops in India are not for the poor , lack humanity compassion and are immune to the sufferings even of a rape victim.. for them everyone is a criminal unless proved innocent ,,

And when will Modiji remove all this this  corrupt insensitive system that needs immense cleansing more than the garbage at street corners what about the garbage hidden in the soul of listless society.Or is Modijis Swach Bharat about keeping streets clean from litter and garbage only ,, than I dont believe in this ad like Swach Bharat with Modiji as its prime model..

So many beggars girls are raped by people in their own family and the matter brushed away after all the child that will be born is a bonus , drug the child give it out on rent and laugh all the way to the bank.

Sadly I have been unable to go to Haji Malang for last two years so I have not been able to document the plight of this albino beggars .

And banning the Documentary Indias Daughter does not end rape or the mindset of a rapist ,, and for Rs 40000 a criminal will sell the soul of his own daughter too.

Beef Paya ..Aj Mudaton Ke Bad Yad Aya

Since The Time I Bought My Mobile Phone I Shot 4405 Photos

Says My American Friend India can work on their space program but can't manage their garbage.

Khuda Hafiz Bade Ki Biryani.. Sirf Yeh Ek Yadgar Aur Nishani

Good Bye Beef Kheema And Brun

that i had at irani joints
during heavy downpour
mumbai melodious
monsoon ..memories
of wet soggy shivering
bodies drenched to
the bones in june
using the hands
instead of fork
spoon .. licking the
fingers pani kam
chai dipped with
brun .searching the
old rickety jukebox
25 paisa per new
tune ,,mind body
in swirling swoon
but now with the
beef ban death
of my memories
has come to soon

This Was Once The Best Beef Khichda Joint Bohri Mohalla

For many years this North Indian Muslim cold drink seller served Beef Khichda , pungent spicy and very tasty , by  late evening it would all be over as it was like a complete meal and cheap too .
So you would find the well off and the poor eating this guys beef Khichda.
I remember I used to bring it home whenever I came to town.
And this guy served the best ginger raspberry and Vimto drink.and flavored sodas .

Now with the beef ban this khichda will not be served at all ..

And I have a lot of memorable pictures of road food Minara Masjid too you get beef paya and beef khichda , but nothing to beat this guys khichda in taste and value for money.

Beef Ban Will Add To Unemployment And Jobless Butchers

Beef Ban Will Hit Seekh Kabab Guys Too ,,,

Most of the guys selling seekh kebab at street corners mostly use beef and also chicken.

Beef is cheaper and does not pinch the pockets ,,,but now everything will change..I dont know the outcome of the ban but one thing is sure the Muslim butchers dealing exclusively in beef will suffer the most .

I wonder what will happen to the beef shops at Bandra East , Bandra slaughter house compound..

Why Is The Government After The Poor Mans Beef

he cannot afford
chicken mutton
the ban will hit
him hard no
beef on the
menu card
the government
of maharashtra
progress development
sends him best regards
his cosmic fate scarred
his culinary curiosity
charred ..his choice
of food they disregard

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