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Poem Hunter Forum of Psychiatry

Poem Hunter Forum of Psychiatry
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Welcome to the intensive care unit of a mental institution
called poemhunter forum of psychiatry..
where you are treated with electric shocks
in the name of poetry
Dr Lawrence Beck head of cerebral surgery
Dr Ted Sheridan post operative wizadry
Dr Howlin Drevish holistic healing
Without inter religious perjury
The patients far too many..
/////\\\\\\ patient with unaligned
Disease of the frontal lobotomy
Miss Lady slips into coma
Congested lungs pulmonary
Now they have not yet diagnosed
Diva Prima Donna poster girl
Our beautiful Miss Sherrie
There is another patient
Who behaves like a hog
They are checking into
The log of his family history
Another patient English
Retired collector of forum gems
Prostate glands no more a busy bee
He has forgotten how to pee
Hubcap Shithead nods his head to agree
Another Australian bard could not
Complete 1000 poems hurriedly they had to bury
At Peachester cemetery
Angie sweet suffers from delusions
That she is a singing yellow canary
Abdullah Diriye has become a
New born Poet..Almost lost his cherry
He dreams he is a fairy
Eagle Hawk has become a priest
They locked him up in a nunnery
On the contrary …
Firoze Shakir has converted to
Christianity has become a Padre
Holy Mother of God Hail Mary
All patients of poem hunter forum
Under the care of Dr Trade Martin
Who is always very busy..
Searching for the elusive liberal pussy

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The poem hunter forum is a premier racist club

The poem hunter forum is a premier racist club
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The poem hunter forum is a premier racist club
only whites for the rest a royal snobbish snub
yes it’s a white mans poetry hub
yes it’s a white mans poetry pub
a colored mans poem in colloquial silence
they dub
on wounds that are raw and bleeding
some more salt they rub
if you are down and under the Aussie members
and an English racist poet will knock your head
with a club..
find your way home
in choppy waters
sharks piranhas
sailing in a tub
or face the firing squad
like this single hyena cub
they viciously want to drub
stamp out the candle and the flame
like a boot trampling
a cigarette stub

The finest poet Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr

The finest poet Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr
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Please read this as a poetry blog

I got a message from my favorite poet, almost a page, in reply to a message I sent him that we at poem hunter missed him..
Actually I will digress, when I had one two many racist attacks as comments on my poems at a huff I deleted 1002 poems and almost no back up, just those that I had copied at Buzznet.
So I began posting at Buzznet, but than as explained earlier I had to delet 11000 blogs because I was targeted by Muslim fundamentalists, my sites were hacked and pornographic material inserted that got me into a mess. I was disillusioned by the blog.
When I came back after the storm I began posting exclusively at Word Press and my homesite.My home site does not have the features of a blog being a photo gallery.
So Word Press kept me afloat as Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger.Here at Word Press is a feature on my page unseen to others, I know which search engine refers a person to me..Each time I found a link of Poem hunter with the name Ryan..
I did not bother as I had stopped posting at Poemhunter but had kept a single poem alive..
Than out of curiosity I visited Ryan’s page, I was scared to leave a comment..
The rest is in my poem that I place as my tribute at his feet …
His profile for those who don’t know him…he is a Top 500 poet and his poems are among thee Top 500 poems.. a genuine contender..

' L O V O V O V E...* * * * * Frank James Ryan, Jr.

' WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP I [The Waking of Ariel]..
Frank James Ryan, Jr

http: //

He says he was searching for Vitallio Pancaldi of Italy
Sartorial curiosity signature neckwear that threw him
At poem hunter in the laps of poetry..
While you were asleep dreams that became poetic reality
But on Oct 7 2007 he took a break breaking the heart of poetry
Yes the finest poet Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr.
Humble kind his human love his humanity
Yes this in pedestrian rhyme is my tribute
To a sincere man and his honesty
Many a times his advice came in handy
Yes at Poem hunter this one poet
Taught me words beyond piety
You don’t need a muse if you have
A person as a guide like Ryan Jr
For me a poetic deity
A lamb a lion living peacefully
Mutual coexistence a sign from the Almighty
His last words to me
“but i am not a bonafide Poet per se”

I have enabled comments on this poem as he always loved to comment on my poems..

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Demoralized sponge cake: on a Sunday Morning gone to Waist

Demoralized sponge cake: on a Sunday Morning gone to Waist
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Demoralized sponge cake: on a Sunday Morning gone to Waist


• 4 tbsp Grated dark chocolate
• 1 Cup fresh whipped cream
• 1/2 Tin canned cherries and syrup
• 3 tbsp Powdered sugar
• 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence

Cooking Instructions:
• With a hand beater, beat the fresh cream over a tray of ice cubes, make it sure not to over beat.
• Fold in the sugar and vanilla essence and mix gently.
• Put some icing in a icing gun and put the rest in a bowl. Keep the icing gun and the bowl in the refrigerator.
• Cut the cake into two halves (horizontally) and place it on a tray. Dot it with two to three tbsp syrup of cherries on each cut cakes.
• Smear the cream on lower half and transfer to a cake plate.
• Add the cherries on the cream and save a few for topping.
• Place the other half on top of the cup. With the help of icing gun decorate the top edging.
• Spread the chocolate flakes all over the cake and decorate nicely with cherries.

http: //

The poem hunter forum a mosque cum kitchenette
Religious discourses by Mr Abdullad Diriye
And cooking classes by Ms Faslund you bet
Now here comes Mr Ian Bowel searching for culinary vowels you bet
Now don’t make fun of him, he is an eminent English Poet
Oh he loves to light a fire under dark Indian poets asses that sweat
Oh he is concerned that bad poetry is what dark poets beget
Now he wants colored people to write in their own language
Don’t you forget.. a message he sends that’s almost a poetic threat
Two handmaiden’s one American blonde the other English brunette
All three racists I say this without any regret
And behind them an Aussie Blood hound adding an ugly silhouette

Love Poetry Hate Racism

Poetry a Holistic Science -Healing through Words

Poetry a Holistic Science -Healing through Words
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Healing through words
Poetry a holistic science
The body and soul
mind and spirit
In total compliance
Formidable spirituality
Total reliance
Whether you write in English
Or your own mother language
Poetry a salve in total alliance
Only the bigot
Only the racist
Only the xenophobe
Finds faults
In total defiance
Writing his hate
As poems a pseudo science
A lot of noise from
Empty kitchen appliance

Love Poetry Hate Racism

The Young Naga Sadhu-Shiva Mool Mantra

The Young Naga Sadhu-Shiva Mool Mantra
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I have lived with Naga Sadhus at the Kumbh, shot them extensively, so I am visited by Naga Sadhus from the Junagadh Akhada, this young Naga Sadhu has joined up with a Naga sect in Mount Abu.. He has given up all, his family , and has opted for celibacy.
He had come to my shop with my Naga Sadhu friends the only one who does not allow me to photograph him..They were on their way to Sai Baba of Shirdi and our friends of Balak the Tantric Naga Sadhu..

About Shiva Mool Mantra II

The Mool Mantra of Lord Shiva is known as the great redeeming mantra also known as five-syllable mantra. Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the name given to consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity- your self. In this mantra the chanter (one who repeats the mantra) bow to Shiva- his true self.

Meaning of Shiva Mool Mantra II

It means "I bow to Shiva."

he is just in his teens
growing in a world of man and machines
he does not want to play cricket
or take part in adolescent scenes
no he gave it all up
for lord shiva
and his moksha
as a naga sadhu
it means
his spirtual teacher
told him no turning back
no tshirts no jeans
om nama shiva
shiva mool mantra
through spiritual
window screens

When the Winds blow Howlin to Poem Hunter Ghost Town

When the Winds blow Howlin to Poem Hunter Ghost Town
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When the Winds blow Howlin
To Poem Hunter Ghost Town..
Racism at the forum goes underground
Even the stray lone English racist
Searching for pearls among swine
As forum quotes looks the other
Way round
Concerned that lighting fire under
An Indian poets Ass
Got his own ass burnt browned
Is now learning Hindi without vowel sound
He and his Peachester Blood Hound
Arsewell leg raised peeing around
As the shit hits them on the rebound
With Howlin Dervish
Ted Sheridan and Trade Martin
They dare not fool around
On the further end of the forum
Lies Hubcap Shit Head buried underground
His erect dick making a hole in the ground
Giving sexual poetic satisfaction to
vaginal vagaries on a pubic mound
Music playing rumba samba ultra sound
Good Morning says Lady of Lambeth
Waltzing around poem hunter forum a picnic ground
Her best friend Angie splashing around
Sherrie and Ben Louisiana bound
Tara Kate and Ez karmically
Chemically mooning around
David Hazell along with
Mr Paul Tubb is US bound
To teach the Americans
The Art of writing good Poetry
Perfectly profound
The US Dollar sodomized
by the British Pound

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I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

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