Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of a Fallen Woman To Blog Or Not To Blog

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As the Indi Blogger management does not consider Flickr to be a blog vehicle , I am in a conundrum, all my blogs I dont call them images or pictures originate at Flickr.

I have blogs at Blogspot , I desist from posting there for personal reasons I am happy shooting my mouth at Flickr where daily views is over 25000 ..and I say this in godly humility..

So as a blogger of 7 years on the cybsespace I have removed all my other blog presence and shall only blog my stuff to Indi Blogger from Flickr.

I was introduced to blogging and to Flickr and to Indi Blogger by Magic Eye .Thank you friend.

Thank You Renie for this platform..

most of my pictures
are poems words
within images
i dilute
sometimes silent
sometimes raucous
sometimes stone deaf
god gifts me
on my route
when i shoot
what i shoot
from the soul
of mankind i loot
beggars hungry
skeletal hirsute
their children
without hope
ugly but cute
hijras at
calling out
for clients
in their
gaudy mawkish
agony of
young innocent
girls bought
from villages
coerced into
becoming prostitutes
all this rituals customs
pain pathos on flickr
i compute
i am a beggar poet
barefeet destitute
to blog or not to blog
as i fade go mute
my country
my motherland
pride of my heritage
my roots
ma tujhe salaam
this poem my tribute
hope harmony humanity
i salute

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