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Guru Nanak Juloos Part 2 Bandra Shia Mosque 2011

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This is my next set continuation of the Guru Nanak Part Juloos once the alams taboot reach the Bandra Mosque heavy duty hardcore zanjir matam kama matam starts led by the Bandra Boyz of Anjuman e Yadgare Mehndi, they call the shots and the scourging s the self infliction is ruthless to say the least.

Even guys from far flung areas like Mira Road and Mumbra come here to take part in this hardcore matam at Bandra Bazar Road.

All this goes on for about an hour , and I left this early as I was uploading Part 1 since late last night..I hit the sack at about 2-30 am.

Habib my friend was video recording this but I was the only lone still photographer documenting the angst of the Shias in Mumbai.

Making Love Could Not Be As Poetic As This

her memories
the first kiss
brow beaten
now love
only a death wish
hook line sinker
waiting for
the next fish

Loneliness Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

From here I took Marziya home , took a break and returned alone at 11.30pm when the Guru Nanak juloos reaches the Bandra Shia Mosque .

As the second lot of pictures I was to shoot of the Guru Nanak Park juloos are bloody and full of gore totally graphic , hence my next lot of the Guru Nanak juloos juloos pictures will be housed in a different set as I will moderate the contents as per Flickr rules and regulations..

I do not want to thus add them with the older set which is basically the Juloos through Marziyas eyes , eyes that are gifted even when they are closed .. and honestly for those pedagogic photographers who keep harping about inner vision, vision can be attained by the eyeless too.

Photographers are born not made...

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai Marziya and Me

Marziya Gets Ready to Shoot The Guru Nanak Park Juloos

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I left the majlis took a rickshah came home to pick up Marziya and bring her to the Guru Nanak Park juloos , this juloos is of great importance to to her and me, she shot the kids doing zanjir matam last year at the same place.

She could barely hold the Nikon D 80 as she was just two years old, but now at 3 she takes the camera strap herself, places it around her neck and takes the shots without my help.

I could make it easier for her teaching her to shoot pictures with my camera on the Manfrotto tripod , but I never took that option , street photographers hardly need tripods just reflex quick timing and a bit of Gods help.

Marziya and I have two Nikon camera bodies we both share.We shoot RAW format , Marziya is a Pro all the way.

She is a Flickr photographer , a Facebook fan, a Twitterati, and on Blogspot also the youngest Indi Blogger and her pictures on sale at and Red Bubble.

Children of Yazid Keep Their Fathers Heritage Alive

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he gave birth
to terrorism
at karbala
for power
lust of glory
he connived
muder mayhem
methods to annihilate
the children
of the holy prophet
he contrived
1400 years
hussain is humanity
a thought a path
of peace has survived
you can search their archives
despite distorting truth
the true history of islam
the enemies of ahle bayt
hussainiyat could not deprive
the time is now has arrived
moharam a protest that
the followers of ali
have kept alive
the holistic power
of five ..
the shia race
continues to thrive
each year with
our bleeding heads
our bleeding backs
the spirit of hussainyat
with matam majlis
we revive
yazidiyat nosedives
every land is karbala
every day is ashura
mathematically accurate
well derived a chant
that lights fire to a beehive

The Shia Blogger From Mumbai.. Finally

Guru Nanak Park Zanjir Matam Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 year Old

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Leaving aside 3 pictures I shot of the childrens zanjir matam at the Guru Nanak Park juloos all the zanjir pictures including this one was shot by the worlds youngest street photographer 3 year old Marziya Shakir on my Nikon D 80 .

Marziya Shakir is my grand daughter and she began shooting Moharam last year at this same juloos same place close to Almeida Park she was 2 years old and I had to assist her in holding the camera , not anymore now ...

So this is my introduction to the Guru Nanak Park juloos that begins from Bashiron Building by the Wazir brothers and winds its way to Almeida Park and culminates at the Bandra Shia Khoja Masjid.

I shot the majlis by Maulana Ahmed Abidi the Zuljana and went home bought Marziya Shakir who shot the zanjr pictures of the kids , than I dropped her home and about 11.30 pm came back alone to the Bandra Shia mosque and shot the hardcore zanjir matam, sword and kama matam by the Bandra Boyz of Yadgare Mehndi Anjuman..

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