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The Shias Of Chennai

The Shias of Chennai are about 10000 I was told a minority within a minority , but collectively a major strong force that does exemplary Azadari , which means hosting the Mourning during Moharam that lasts fot two month eight days .

They have Imambargahs , hous majlis and much is centered around the iconic 1000 Lights Mosque.

From 1 st Moharam starts the mourning for Imam Hussain ,  7 Moharam juloos the Martyrdom of Hazrat Qasim ibne Hassan is a huge event marked with a procession  matams and zanjir zani.

Ashura 10 Moharam is another huge procession that is major mourning day and in the night is the  Shame Gariban majlis in pitch darkness ..remembering the Battle of Karbala the burning of tents and the merciless killings brutality bestiality by the forces of Yazid , the forerunner of this force in modern times is the evil ISIS ,,.Evil never dies it spreads its tentacles from one era to the next that is why the Shias recite the famous noha of Marhoom Syed Sibte Jaffar Sab.. Jab Imam A…

This Is My 58620 Hindu Blog As Hope And Hindutva Message Of Universal Peace

The Hinduism I shoot is pristine sacramental and has humility as its essence through the cosmic eyes of divinity .

I shoot Lalbagh Chya Raja every year for his followers and my Hindu friends ,,I have a camera I make positive use of my pictures to spread the beauty of my cultural inheritance and the power of our collective ethos as Indians .

I only hope and pray that the humility of Lord Ganesha in the avatar of Lalbagh Chya Raja touches his volunteers that they dont get carried away by spiritual arrogance ,, which is a heady substance that does not sustain the spirit of the Lord..and his message of Peace .

Soon I will be shooting Goddess Durga her workshops her pandals and her Visarjan too including the Pitru Paksh that I have always shot come what may..

I am thankful to those who helped me shoot Lalbagh Chya Raja the karyakartas  the committee members of the Lalbagh Chya Raja Mandal and Mr Sudhir Salvi Mr Ashok Pawar without their help I would have not been able to shoot this visarj…