Monday, June 3, 2013

sasta khoon mehnga pani

first came the street photographer than came the camera

ek din toh samajh legi duniya tera afsana Aye mere dil-e-nadan Tu gham se na ghabarana

i am waiting for you to call...

this is home ...

the flesh
but hope
from the
you cant
drip drip drip
when it rains
the winds
the walls
will rip
but the
of street
survival it
cannot beat
or whip
fate in
the poor
mans grip

mumbai actually belongs to the politicians only

they are waiting for their adhaar card once this becomes a permanent address

khansab my humble cab driver

be nice to people on your way up, you always meet them on your way down

When beggars die there are no comets seen -

once this was a slum... now after demolition life has gone numb

the rehabilitation of the muslim beggar is million light years away

the khada parsi...under covers

My Evening Snack ..

my pizza at abdul rehman street apsara sandwich corner

the water sellers of abdul rehman street

Batatwada in the mumbai rains ..

Muslims Love Killing Muslims What A Shame

one muslim considers
himself more superior
to the other muslim
calling him a heretic
killing him in allahs
name ..and so
continues a game
ethnic cleansing
the whole community
gets the blame
for the misdeeds
of a few others
defamed .
the evil within the
soul of man
even god could
not tame
muslims killing
our notoriety
to fame
the minarets
remain silent
as the violence
begets more
violence bad
aim,,, humanity
in flames
the custodians
watch from afar
as yazid by any
other name is same