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The Kama Matamdars And The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

I Came Ahead Of The Bibi Ka Alam And Sat With Them .. My Legs Were In Bad Shape

Hyderabad Media Photographers And The Barefeet Blogger Of Mumbai

These Are My Earliest Friends From Hyderabad Kazim and Sajjad Bhai

Beneath The Layer Of Blood Lies The Truth Of Ashura And Karbala

Ehsas-e-karbala tujhe bhi ho jayega ek din, Tanha kisi Azeez ki mayyat utha ke dekh .

Sher-e-Hindustan Janab Tahir Jarwali Saheb Marhoom

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Syed Yasser Abbas Hyderabad

Maulana Syed Muzzaffar Hussain Tahir Jarwali was a Shia Muslim scholar and orator. His ancestral town is Jarwal in Bahraich district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Tahir Jarwali was very popular and famous personality from Shia sect of Islam. People attended his lectures in huge numbers and admired him for his contributions to the Shia community. He was praised for his wit as he answered issues raised by anti-Azadari groups.

He was such a successful zakir that the azadaars would come an hour in advance to hold their places on farsh e aza. Today people buy his DVD's and CD's to remember him which are easily available in Islamic shops.

The 'Khateebul Iman Hall' at shia college is dedicated to him and scholarship known as Maulana S.M.H. Tahir Jarwali Memorial Scholarship is also awarded to the best student in each faculty of shia post graduate.

The persons who took membership at the time of foundation of Anjuman Nasirya was late Maulana Tahir Jarwali Sahab. He was the first zakir to recite the 10 days majalis organised by Anjuman-e-Imamia at Zainabia Imambara famous as Babar Ali Imambada in the past

He was an ''exponent of [[Tabarra]]''.
Personal life
He had four sons Meesum, Ammar, Shozab, and Abis.

Shozab is currently the President of Mazar-e-Shahid Salis in Agra.

He was the first cousin of Moulana Syed Ali Nasir Saeed Abaqati better known as ''agha roohi''.

He died of cardiac arrest at Mashhad, Iran.
Majalis Mawaddat-e-Ahle Bait

Majalis Najat

Hyder Hyder Hyder

Bibi Ka Alam Irani Gully

Using The Sword For Kama Matam Hyderabad Ashura Bibi Ka Alam


My Bleeding Takes Time To Stop As I Am a Diabetic

Shooting The Bibi Ka Alam 2012

Ghame Shabeer ..Khoon Behta Hai ..Ghame Hussain Dilon Main Rehta Hai

Ashura Hyderabad Bibi Ka Alam Procession 2012

Ashura Hyderabad Bibi Ka Alam Procession 2012

The Cutting of The Head is Known As Kama Zani Or Kama Matam

As The Bibi Ka Alam Enters The Lane Kama Matam Starts

The Hyderabadis , kids adults are very intense passionate about Moharam and Ashura in particular , kama matam is a ritual of cutting the head with a dagger but at Hyderabad Panje Shah the mourners cut their heads with curved Punjabi swords.

Than ahead of the Bibi Ka Alam is the zanjir matam hitting the back with sharp blades on chains and the most quintessential instrument of pain ans self infliction is the blade matam , a piece of blade embedded between the fingers to beat the chest.

And all this is known as Pursa or mourning for the Mother Of Hussain .. the pain she went through and mind you the Mother of Hussain was Princess Fatima Zehra the only daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam PBUH.

Hussain was not killed by the Jews or a Christian not even a heretic but by those who followed the tenets of Islam.. the custodians of Islam at that time Caliph Yazid and his bunch of murderous goons ..

Terrorism had its seeds in Islam when Imam Ali was killed in a mosque and his sons Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan too died tragically at the hands of Evil .. and this evil continues till today and it is called Jehad.
Oppression and Tyranny , killing of innocent people and above all Muslims Killing Muslims is the new pseudo Islam in the hands of a few with vested interest..
And there is a eunuch silence .. the minarets of Peace bleed too.. as Shia mosques Shrines are bombed .. suicide bombers searching for a Heaven with 72 nubile virgins .. is the order of the day.

Ashura Hyderabad Bibi Ka Alam Procession 2012

the cosmic eye of the elephant connects with the cosmic eye of my camera

Wa Waila Wa Waila Ibne Zehra Wa Waila