Saturday, February 12, 2011


HIJRA TITS, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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on the fucked soul
of hijra hating
homophobic society
she spits
born a male
neither penis
nor clit
prosthetic s
uplifting her
hijra tits
she is more
more feminine
less conniving
'less shrewd
street smart
as well as wit
every little bit
playing her part
in a worldly skit
at the peela
house cages
going down under
she is also called an IT
by a system
that abuses
as it hits
religious godmen
spew their hate
including some
the story
of her angst
a missing womb
a missing pit
a backdoor
of despair
rectal rhapsody
dimly lit
article 377
that was shoved
up her ass
by the fucking Brit
the mother country
colonial convulsions
an unholy anti human
racist unholy writ

Dedicated to Laxmi Narayan Tripathi My Hijra Guru and Hijra Icon

To My Flickr Friends Best Wishes

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Maybe I dont comment on your pictures but I do see them and learn from each one of you.,..the art of living in peace hope and harmony.

I dont access Facebook but am rigorously active on Flickr my online home away from home.

Your friendship means a lot to me..I know you see my pictures too..

If anyone of you wants to come to India or Mumbai has a query I will willingly answer and offer help where humanly possible..

Blogging Photography is my hobby and means of interacting with the wide world outside..

Those of you who wish to contact me can contact me through Flickr Mail.

Queries of Hijras transgender will strictly not be entertained period.

Yeh Bhi Ek Zamana Hai Woh Bhi Ek Zamana Tha

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bade miya chote miyan
sab ke moonh
par ek naya fasana tha
govinda ke kapde banaye the
amitji ko govinda banana tha
david dhawan ka main deewana tha
vasuji toh mujhe bhool gaye
woh mauritius ki yadein
ladkhadate mere kadam
woh bhi ek bahana tha
yeh bhi ek zamana hai
woh bhi ek zamana tha
bollywoods most wanted
ek takia kalam jana
pehchana tha
designer no1
aj sufiyana mijaz
kal ek mashoor
mehkhana tha

Khatte Angoor

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woh khamoshiyan
woh hum se milon door
woh hijjdon ki hoor
lahore main mashoor
sexy stilettos
unpar khuda ka noor
yeh sama yeh saroor
a moment i endure
androgynous love
for a spectral beauty
grapes are sour
i am not sure
many a times
she did oblige me
on facebook chat
is bitter than cure
holistic healing hoor
over hills mountains
my soul she did lure
her cosmetic charm
her allure
has she forgotten me
my first poetic love
hourglass shape
pendulous dimpled
devastating but demure
body hugging
her angst
high couture
unki angdai
unke pairon ki ahat
dil ka khatma
ho gaya chakna choor
hai woh
bisri bhuli yadein
jab unhone
mere kanon
main kaha
jab kabhi
rasta bhool gaye
mere ghar
ana zaroor

a shia thug
who cant meet
her this time
in kuala lampur
onam is
its just
the shia moharam
elicits wahabbi hate
a thought
very obscure
not mentioned
in their travel brochure

Chakki Shop Fort

Freedom Is A Friday On Tahrir Square

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Where angels fear
Egyptian people dare
Freedom is what
they want to share
get rid of hosni
mubarak his royal
ass glued to
a dictators chair
end a 30 year old
tears on
the soul of those
who died martyred
for a cause
caught unawares
may they rest in peace
may god take care
they live in everyone's
thoughts and prayers
the collective will
of the people
as it bares
blood sweat and tears
free fresh air

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