Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scrounging for food

mans fall
pictorially previewed
man and his karma
always at feud
by misfortune
always pursued
clothes on his body
his soul totally nude
on the streets of despair
scrounging for food
beneath his feet
leftovers of life
bemoaning bestrewed
an optical illusion
innocent and shrewd
worthless often
man a mirage
totally misconstrued
from his loins of hate
needs to be rescued
a verdict of war
on the soul of humanity
that he has issued
reneging religiosity
among his brood
man a dying product
of his mood

dedicated to ray framroze
my childhood friend since 50 years...

The Shooter of Pain

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scourging the soul
cutting the scalp
in memory of hussain
a camera that holds
part of his brain
at the back
of the viewfinder
the shooter of pain
molten tears
on the soul
of karbala
in every grain
cutting raw flesh
the sinew of chains
a river flowing
through every membrane
he gave his head
but not his hand
for a spiritual domain
the power of yazidiyat
the power of humanity
could not restrain
he came he saw
won a major campaign
the pillars of truth justice
he did regain
scriptured sorrow
reflected remorse
in a blood stain
a metaphoric moment
we did attain