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8 Moharam Hussaini Koti 2012

I Am A Malang

I Am A Malang, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

the flesh is weak
the soul not young
diabetic denials
sugar not welcome
hopes demystifying
as manure like dung
dreams tattered
stained bleeding
on the clothesline
of illusions hung
adler freud jung
breaking barriers
of religiosity race
caste creed
nade ali ..kale
kapde kala rang
siskiyon aur sason
ki akhri jung
na koie chahat
na koie umang
dam madar
beda par
ali ka ghulam
ali ka malang
zindagi mayoos
mere khawabon
se hogai tang

All Know I Am Lucky To Have The Parents I Had

Pasha Bhai And The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

The Black Sea Of Shiasm On The Banks of Ghame Hussain

Complete Education For The Girl Child .. A Jihad Incomplete ..

It Is Because Of Our Mothers Our Heritage of Humanity Is Alive

The Muslims Dressed In Black Are The Shias.. They Are Mourning For The Brutally Murdered Grandson of The Holy Prophet PBUH

Ejaz Photographer ... His Support Meant A Lot To Me In Hyderbad

Main In Bachhon Se Kuch Hasil Karke Ata Hoon,,

8 Moharam Hussaini Koti 2012

I Use My Camera As An Instrument Of Peace

I Use My Camera As An Instrument Of Peace, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

my world
of ali
cosmic peace
your wealth
your fame
your gain
i want none
of these
my god
is the god
of the poor
the beggar
the homeless
the hopeless
is a god i please
this world
an illusion
muslim killing
muslim infected
by a sectarian
disease worse
than a madness
like rabies
with your
worldly dreams
a dam madar malang
i am not at ease
your love your
my only fees
carrying her
i came
to hyderabad
to store your tears
as images
of your emotional
angst pain
leaving my imprint
on your dahleez
a beggar poet
a speck of dirt
siwae ghame
zindagi main
kuch nahi azeez
sada salamat
rahein maula
ke sadke main
apke bachhe
apki virasat
adab tehzeeb

Zindagi Ek Jung Ali Ke Malang

Nawab Ghazanfar Jung And The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

8 Moharam Majlis At Hussaini Koti Hyderabad 2012

Zainab e Hazi neman Khwahra Khuda Hafiz Man Kai bi Alamdaram bai mueen bai yaram Az hayat bai zaaram Khwahara Khoda Hafez

Being A Lucknow Born.. I Find My Lost Childhood In Hyderabad

Being A Lucknow Born.. I Find My Lost Childhood In Hyderabad, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
I may have lived for a few month as a child in Lucknow .. my upbringing has been in Mumbai but my maternal grandmother Nazmi Begum widow of Daroga Nabban Saab descendant of poet Mir Anis instilled values touched the poetry of my life.

My grand mother Nazmi Begum is buried in an unmarked grave at Malka Jahan Cemetery .Lucknow .
My grandfather Daroga Nabban Saab in an unmarked grave at Gufr Map Lucknow

What I Cant Find In Some Gardens I Come And Shoot Here .. Adab Aur Tehzeeb

The Scions of The Nawabs of Hussaini Koti..

i shoot
a tomorrow
i shoot
i shoot
the future
i shoot
the golden
dawn love
has spawned
i shoot hussain
koti alamdars
from the same
spot where
others have
come and gone
barefeet on
the gleaming
lawn where
a pledge
of hussain
his beloved
brother abbas
is re invigoratingly
renewed  reborn

We Through Our Children Keep Our Heritage Alive

The Nawabs Of Hussain Koti And The Beggar Poet Of Mumbai

Adab or Tezhzeeb

ap lachar
aur ghareeb
na khud ap
na khuda
apke kareeb
apke bacche
apka jagmagata
naseeb..ya habib

I shoot dreams

you see
as pictures
is my textless
i am a
beggar poet
the camera
sets me free
held like
bound to my
deathly throes
my fears
my destiny
i am a
in captivity
a seed
a plant
a tree
branch less
to be or not
to be ..a bark
bent knees
a pain that comes
goes wont cease
i am alive i am
dead borrowed
i am on lease
i own nothing
i am a silhouette
a cocoon searching
for inner peace
i am a speck
of dust blown
in your courtyard
by a tyrant breeze

i am merely
an imprint
on your dahleez

Shooting 8 Moharam Hussaini Koti

The Nawabs of Hussain Koti And the Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai