Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cosmic Poets Grief

I am a blue eyed
poster boy of pain
a comatose heart
dead brain
although she
has removed me
from her hearts list
within my cosmic
soul she is ingrained
the damage is already done
outside her locked doors
of destiny I remain
will she take me in
will she not take me in
my thoughts
of guilt and betrayal
on a higher plain
she is more poetic
than I am sensitive
she had to do
what she had to do
I have no reason
to complain
as I walk
on embers of fire
once again
a swish of a
from the
of her artistry
her silence
her speechlessness
without restrain
a cosmic
poet slain
in love with her for real
emotions he did not feign
lost time will not explain
it is better to have
loved and lost
in a prosaic world
morose and mundane
memories on
my consciousness
of a deleted dew drop
I retain
a lost poodle
for his mistress
with the collar and chain

Love Is A Sweet and Bitter Pill

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it might hurt
you more than me
i have decided
not to stand
glass eyed
your window sill
poetic love
has lost its thrill
with your silence
you did kill
when I questioned
you on your
you said
it was Allahs will
with pain
my soul instilled
on the corridors
of my consciousness
over spilled
a dreamer
at your door
with your dreams
making a mountain
of a dunghill
at end of the day
the score is nil

love is a sweet and bitter pill
an empty pail of water
no jack and jill

Once Upon a Time Not Long Ago

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she was a full
bodied cute boy
a thought
you might
not know
but as a girl
she wanted
to grow
into the river
of a mans
heart flow
she transformed
her body
like a beautiful
pouted lips
curved eyebrows
eye liner eye shadow
a heaving chest
more to show
yes a diva presto
dancing like
a dream angel
on her toes
to gain her love
men came to blows
libidinous old men
lecherous lewd men
would not let her go
but she was searching
for a dreamer who
lived beyond the rainbow
within the silhouette
of a scarecrow
a wacko and a weirdo
it was him
her souls poetry
her shadow
his picture
she kept
beneath her pillow
but he was in love
with a woman
a whispering weed
in the land
of the pharaoh
free boundless
enigma -like
someone elses

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.