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Nag Panchami In Mumbai 2010

Nag Panchami In Mumbai 2010, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Earlier snake charmers freely moved around Mumbai but I have never spotted one till date , though I am fascinated with snakes and shot the snake festival in Battis Shirala near Ichalkaranji Sangli , despite the ban and stiff fine imposed for shooting snake pictures.

These are snakes made in eco friendly material for the Nag Panchami puja.

I shot the Nag Panchami feast at the Jari Mari temple on SV Road Bandra.

Today is my third fast I shot the station road the Badi Masjid and the compound area to share with you the fervor off Ramzan..

Indian fests are compatibility of the human spirit in spite of religious diversity.

Documenting the Spirit of Ramzan..


Iftar Time At JJ Colony at Bandra West

Iftar Time At JJ Colony at Bandra West, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,162 items / 1,061,935 views

This a part of my set on Ramzan Mubarak 2010 at Flickr.

I shot this on the first day of Ramzan a few hours before the breaking of the fast , and the vendors were all out with yummiest delicacies for the Rozdars of Bandra.

I will show you Minara Masjid and Bohri Mohall later , but JJ Colony is close up my alley , you can come to JJ Colony lane through various connecting lanes from Lucky Hotel lane on the main road , or through Anjuman e Islam girls school lane this is the JJ Colony lane or from Banddra Hill road via Jain Mandir Road.

This is mini Bhendi Bazar in ethos and predominantly Muslim population burkhas skull caps etc.

Most of the stuff here is delicious and cheap, fruits are expensive but cheaper than what you get on the main road stalls.

Mohomed Bhai is selling bhajiyas etc he was the pani purii guy at Bandra Bazar oad.

The seekh kababs and two eateries one…

Life In The Slums

Life In The Slums, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,093 items / 1,061,653 views

Taking the atta to the chakki
waiting in line for the kerosene
working relentlessly
like a mule
picking up
altaf razia
from the school
for miya
his mother
his sisters
his brothers
her hands
totally full
first day
of the holy month
of ramzan
she does
not loose her cool
in the silhouette
of the hijab
her life going
round and round
a whirlpool
Allah provides
she told me
the only
golden rule

These are pictures shot on the first day of Ramzan the Holy Month a series documenting the slums and the Iftar time shopping all part of my Bandra Blogs and a set on Flickr..Ramzan Mubarak 2010.

A set I shall update with pictures related to roza and life during the fasting season..

Cry My Beloved Country

Cry My Beloved Country, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,088 items / 1,061,636 views

there is nothing
you can do
your shame
your nakedness
with a piece
of cloth
thats what
they left for you
blow after blow
black and blue
mother India
you will rise
from the ashes
all anew
it was
only your bank
balance they
took from you
the greatest wealth
is intact
your motherhood
your virtue

Does Freedom Matter ?

Does Freedom Matter ?, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,087 items / 1,061,624 views

Does Freedom matter
the Games of Life continues
common wealth for
a handful needs no excuse
every Second a new scam in the news
...we the people are guilty
of whom we choose
either way ..


only robbed
the Somnath
the new
rob our
heritage too
the soul
of our nation
we watch helplessly
we can only clap
our hands in fear
just as eunuchs do
they who pillage
our country's common
wealth love our India
more than me and you
the game of fraud
is more
honor glory
with a beggar running
the marathon
with a beggars bowl
it is true

inspired by a facebook comment

Jai Maharashtra

Jai Maharashtra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 37,082 items / 1,061,594 views

is Aiiee
the re surging
of my motherhood
in the state where
I live
is the beacon
of light
we follow
falter forgive
57 years
of my life
in the state
of maharashtra
now my
cultural ethos
my dharma
my karma
to my children
their children
I give
I was born
in Lucknow
but on my parched soul
Jai Maharashtra
will out live

More important credentials of Man regarding the country or the soil on which he lives his love , his passion his drive , love and duty .
My parents came to Mumbai from Lucknow my father was here since his youth he saw the bomb blast in the docks 1944 my mother came much later early 50s , they completely gave up the city of their birth building a new home a new life here ,I dont think they were considered themselves migrants , it was never a word we used to call each another we were Indians first and last.

Whatever my father built his first home was a shed like s…





In time of trouble . . . He shall set me upon a rock.


Jesus Never Sleeps

Jesus Never Sleeps, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. i am the life and the resurrection
women of the world do not weep
i see your sufferings
like a shadow as they creep
a promise
i had to keep your
pain with a broom of hope
i want to sweep bring you
back home
from the garbage heap
rewards for
your struggle
you sacrifice
in my kingdom
you will reap
your eternal pain
i shall put to sleep

In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.

for your souls upkeep

This is The Conscience of Our Nation Fast Asleep

This is The Conscience of Our Nation Fast Asleep, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,082 items / 1,061,312 views

if god forbid
a chair man
who is in charge
of an event
passes away in his
so what happens
do we postpone the event
or on the premature passing
away of the holier
than thou person
we bring in a new man
to make another clean sweep
because media
the rest of the world
openly calls
him a black sheep
the government
of the people
by the people
for the people has no time
to address this issue
yes the conscience
of our nation
fast asleep
while crooks
openly robbing
the common wealth
of our country
each one
in corruption
neck deep
an emotional appeal
made me laugh
a full page so steep
the same money could
have been given
for more sahara to the poor
living on a garbage heap
we search for scapegoats
while the culprits
are laughing
all the way
to the bank
makes my
soul weep
the queen
is angry
as honor
among nations
is profitability
ludicrously cheap

to rajiv soni dear friend from delhi

Street Photography Is Not About Pictures It Is Reliving Pain

Street Photography Is Not About Pictures It Is Reliving Pain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,082 items / 1,061,297 views

they shoot
the streets
tag it on
soul of flickr
a picture timely

but i shoot pain
burning at both ends
like a wick
you take what life gives you
a pain poetic dying
homeless hopeless
on the street very sick
a cross word puzzle cryptic
you solve it through
pictures we click
a medicine wheel
karmic captured
a a timeless
moment cosmic

The Last Temptation of Man

The Last Temptation of Man, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.
137,082 items / 1,061,297 views

there is no
bed in the hospital within
to accommodate him
as his life's light
grows dim
such is humanity
dark and grim
he looked into my eyes
i looked into despair
his chances of
making it to this shore
very slim
as a street photographer
i shot his soul
it was drowning
in the deep waters of fate
it could barely swim
a glass half empty
half filled to the brim

Flowers On The Soul of My Poetry

Flowers On The Soul of My Poetry, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,082 items / 1,061,293 views

bloggers street walk too
pimping the pathos
of the streets pain despair
in every avenue
a world within a world
the camera lens
they view
the tears
ripping the
of humanity
to a few
holistically healing
man who is
less known as man
but first as muslim
christian hindu
diverse diktats
the most important
man his religious
places violently
they argue
born in a single cradle
triplets as enemies
as they grew
muslims and jews

Jesus Is A Blogger Too

Jesus Is A Blogger Too, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 137,082 items / 1,061,280 views

all over bandra
hung on a cross
pain pathos
as a poem
for you
a friends feed
you subscribe
you dont
have to renew
his pictures
the internet
on view
but jesus
is comfortable
in bandra
the muslims
breaking fast
its true
lord ganeshas
being awaited
at the pandals
by the hindus
mount mary fair
round the corner
hope in a statue
but what he likes
is a two year old
his pictures
with her
barefeet guru
god is one
whether you see
him as
brahma shiva
is the color
of the sky
dressed in blue
god is the green earth
man could not outdo
when the world
of man comes
crashing down
there is god
to the rescue