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Turner Road Childrens Woes

Turner Road Childrens Woes
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is the Waterfield Road that I take to work twice a day, morning and after a nap back to work at midday, just a little ahead is the famous Turner Road Traffic Signal..the meeting point of transitional vehiculat activity, and the cluster of the beggar kids and the Hijdas of Laxmi.I have not seen the Hijdas they may have moved away because of the kids..
The fat overseer mother watches me curses me under her breath, but all this does not frigten me at all..
I reiterate making children beg from morning to late evening is the worst form of human terror and child labor is far too tame a word.
Strange but there are no NGO s here to highlight this juvenile atrocity..
I as a photographer bring this malaise out into the open..


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 picture digitally developed by my neigbor ppc

Within a drop
Of a tear
Lies divinity
an ocean
that stretches
from here to eternity
Lord Ganesha
riding the crest of
the waves like an
arrow into the heart
the soul of the sea
this son of Lord Shiva
Mother Parvati
Astha Vinayaka
Siddhi Vinayka
The spirit of
Mee Mumbaikar
That he sets free
Not a Hindu
Not a Muslim
Not a Christian
Not a Sikh
Not a Parsi
Lord Ganesha
Within all of us in
His soulful sanctity
A thought
Beyond religiosity
Godliness in Diversity
Is our Cultural Identity
Ganpati Bappa Morya
A collective cry of Peace
In Hope Love and Unity

The Magic of Tom-Doyoulikeit American Photographer

The Magic of Tom-Doyoulikeit American Photographer
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Picture courtesy Tom-Doyoulikeit
hey firoze,
here are some pics.
i didn't really know what to send.
i can send more if you need a better variety.
tom (doyoulikeit)

Tom Doyoulikeit is an American photographer based in California about 18 yearsold .
We met at Buzznet , in August 2005 , the time I had just joined Buzznet after being admonished by Father of Photo Blogs Brandon Stone at his forum, when I totally new to photoblogging farted out a “How to Upload Pictures..”he immediately had me evicted from the serious forum unsubscribed , though he was generous enough to let me be a PhotoBlogs Org member ,asked me to join Bloggerspot learn the basics , I did
but I also joined Buzznet.
And it was Buzznet that fleshed my soul with words an incorrigible photoblogger .I was a good photographer, but was new to the written word, all this writing culminated when I gave my pedestrian heart and soul to the …

Is India Shining ?

Is India Shining ?
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 reports times of india
oct 3 2007 in ludhiana
“woman puts son, self up for sale
34 year old desperate for funds to treat husband seriously injured in car crash “
A system that sucks a system that fails
Is India shining?
within the agony and the cry of a wail
Under trials locked up for long time no trial bewails
Justice blindfolded overcrowded jails
Sting operations that’s out to make money
The wrong person nails
Politics criminalization on a large scale
Two sides of a nations remorse
Be it head or be it tail
Infanticide killing of the girl child
If its not male
You need money a good defense lawyer
Kill murder rape you are out on bail
Online frauds defrauded by email
Little children begging at traffic signals
Child labor flourishing the law won’t curtail
Read the newspaper watch electronic media for more gory detail

Waters that Heal

Waters that Heal
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

in a mans soul bleeding pain congeals
waters of India where the inner battered self heals
redeeming your spirituality a new path reveals
a blow to th demons within you it deals
a new karmic reality your dharma unpeels

dedicated to a born fighter dr glenn losack md


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 a racist site called sulekha blogs
where Muslims are treated worse than Dogs
whipped ripped raped as web logs

firoze shakir

dedicated to a Muslim hater Mr Krubashankarji

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Add turmeric
Pepper in your
Husband’s soup
Some extra sex spice
Happy solstice
Some Italian
Some Pseudo French flies
Time a suicidal hoax
Never dies
The art of biting poetry
Some Indian inhuman cries
Bound to you in a predestined
Doomed vice
A photographerno1
Only a worse smith in disguise
journalistic curiosity god forsaken
son of a bitch ...flickring hope
that yonder lies.
from time to time
papered tattered wings that dont fly..
a window sill that weeps good byes
cybernetic love that pretend s
spasmodic convulsions
death online no surprise

finger fucked cake

finger fucked cake
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 a shot
no retake
a cake that
her oven
her burnt mitten
it would not be baked
a thirst that even
cyberemetic love cannot slake
a magician and a mandrake
orgiastic poetry almost a fake
what is milk if it does not shake
masturbative melody on her swan lake
predestined folly of falling in love unawake
me my heart impaled on a stake..
a new heart that only she and no god can remake

The Poem Hunter Forum Goddess

The Poem Hunter Forum Goddess
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

The poem hunter forum goddess
Bhartihari god bless as
Love gone sour we witness
She who uses men as pawn
While she plays betrays
poetic discussion as chess
if you ask me if I love her
I would benignly say Yes
As we all love her no more
No less
Siddhartha in the eye
Of a needle Herman Hess
She has distanced herself from me
The narrow-mindedness whiteness
Of her heart you don’t need to guess
Her forgetfulness that eases her largesse
Poetically I stammer one sided love
With which her hearts doorstep I trespass
To retrench my hope from this mess
Only this issue through words of my worthiness
To her silence I address

My wife and I

My wife and I
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 picture shot by Asif my eldest
a poem... that he composed
without overexposing his mother
on the internet ...
as good as he could get
you bet ..
54 th birthday
heart to let
a bird in the hand
birds in the bush no sweat

Cake Lickin

Cake Lickin
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 i cake licked her ass
pigeon shit stool
mind unfucked by mass
her figure hour fucking glass
a cut of class
good times
life let them pass
bad times like
palmistry lines
a mound on my venus
tatooing my multi colored ass
a fence blue skies and
straw colored grass
yes wise man born
now a jack ass
mental machinations
i cant surpass
thoughts of her through
my minds spy glass
this man from mumbai
not from madras

I turn 54

I turn 54
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 a family
a heart
a multi colored ass
a trembling door
bollywoods most wanted
pedestrian fashion store
cybernetic love no more
yes a part of my masculine hymen tore
life and death after life is
a frickin syphilitic snoring whore
a castaway searching for her shore

another one in the poem hunter forum
she loves me no more...the origin of the flame
she swore on my face as she shut her door

i wont survive much long

i wont survive much long
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 every decision gone wrong
i dont think i will live long
once in good times i was strong
rich capable and head strong
she promised to walk along
winds of misfortune me headlong
than one day she ran away
my countess from hongkong
leaving me behind
me my sad song
to depression distress devastation
to a world of happiness i do not belong
sleeping on a bed of cobblestones
my misery i unfeelingly prolong..
my soul mate sleep nightmares
night long..

Turn Coats Please Dont Come Back

Turn Coats Please Dont Come Back
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Some went to Flickr
Some did come back
Some their asses
laid back
their misplaced egos
held hunch back
some drawback
some change cybernet
busted tyres
with rusty jacks
some trapped in
posteriors of back tracks
no place like buzznet
on windows or mac
where will you find a xris
or a pax..
two dis similar
funksteena s
cupboard cosmos ransack
agony aunt
a cry baby
suck what cracks
in bolulevards bivouacs
yorrik ben bell
scarlet lark
on a blogger tarmac
marc azzie
to love moon
sock monkey
all in one shack
aljie doing tantra yoga
on an astrology
book rack
so many others
that need a whack
buzznet should not
take them back
cry babies your woes
dont unpack
please dont come back
a needle fucking a horny haystack
with pouted camera lips
of a disposable kodak
some feedback
online sharing
pairing community
don’t hijack
or bushwhack
bollywoods most wanted
blogger cossack

Dont Shoot Our Pictures

Dont Shoot Our Pictures
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This angry abusive lady is the overseer of the kids, that includes her brood to, I was walking towards my shop and as I raised my camera to shoot the kids she began cursing me, a few months back this activity had stopped completely, but now the kids are back, slogging away, while the elder kids who sit play cards, keep an eye on the little kids from afar..they know my phototaking was one of the reasons of bringing the kids plight in the limelight , so they hate me with a vengeance.This is child labour..period..little kids drugged on slings on the waist of other smaller kids..
Most of the kids nude with their innocence and genetalia on voyeuristic display, its a very sad sight, today the hijdas were not around, Laxmi and her gang are not to be seen since a few days.Some of the older girls are aware of their bludgeoning sexuality, and use it to terrorise their horny male mates, the idea here at the signal is about prod…