Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dr Abbas Ali Mir Son of Late Ali Master Recites Majlis at Chota Naksha

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The Shia Chennais it is my humble view prefer Zakirs from Northern India but I found this son of Chennai soil Dr Abbas Ali Mir a powerful orator and to the point , his majlis made the human hearts cry.

I was lucky that when I came to Chennai I knew no one save Meesaq only through the internet , but than on my arrival I met a lot of Shias , and than I was introduced to Dr Abbas Ali Mir I stayed at his house savored his hospitality . he showed me parts of Shia Chennai.

He took me to Jigedevi Ag Matam and was a great guide and friend .. I owe a lot to him.

And because he is not net savvy I dont think he will read what I have written about him..

Thank you Dr Abbas Ali Mir .. Sada Khush Raho Mere Dost ..Best wishes to your Mother.

Dr Abbas Ali Mirs father the noted teacher Ali Master died on Eid e Ghadeer .

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was i really alone...or was it a figment of my poetry.. without words
or was it pain pulling me homeward towards a 3 year old child
a little bird what i spoke in silence perhaps she heard for a
second i thought i was not alone just going backward the reality
of my being totally blurred word to word

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he created her
for the greater
happiness of man
with a godly resolve
but woman an enigma
when on mutating
as she evolved
blood swear tears
in which she was

And She Read My Future More Brilliantly Than Him....

she looked into
my eyes and told me
the path i had taken
was dark and grim
my god did not
live in a mosque
or a church
or a mandir
or a synagogue
he lived on the
street i was
close to him
my cup of sorrow
filled to the brim
in an ocean of despair
i held to a straw
as i could not swim
held to a whim

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