Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mammoth Congress Protest Against BJP At Bandra Reclamation

I  normally avoid shooting political protests or rallies but this one was in my backyard and the Congress volunteers , followers of Mr Gurudas Kamat were assembled outside Rang Sharda ..but timely and well coordinated Police bandobast stopped them from moving towards Advocate Ashish Shelar BJP Mumbai Presidents office , there were several platoons of the police force , and the Congress leaders were arrested , there were some skirmishes but I was shooting mostly at the Rang Sharda end,

The BJP Cadres volunteers , party members followers were assembled in large number in the BJP office lane ,, the cops were exemplary in keeping the situation under control and not allowing it to go out of hand ,,This was one of the biggest Congress agitation in our area..I was here since 10.30 am a lot of electronic media , photographers were there documenting this giant protest .. first of its kind in Bandra ,'It got over by 2 pm..

This is a long series I shot a few videos too..

Gulab Follower Of Jesus ,, Is Jesus Listening

I met her yesterday , she looked sad, bewildered , she was planning to go to Mahad , to meet her only daughter who is a farmer , her daughters husband died at a very young age ,, her daughter too is a Catholic Rosie .

She kept on speaking , mumbling about her pain , he desire to see her grandkids , and her fear that once she goes the criminal elements will usurp her shanty at Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation , a shanty that has no roof ,, I  gave her some money, and asked her to go meet Fr Jaun at St Peter Church,,,

She has a lot of faith in Jesus ,, this lady who left her Hindu faith to become a Catholic.. Is Jesus listening ,,

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