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Jesus At Bandra Bazar Road

This junction with the sizzling aroma of food from Jeff Caterers is the most traffucked place in Bandra , the road forks from here the road on the left entering Chapel road to exit towards Mount Carmel , the road on the right goes straight to Waroda Road a one way and the  right takes you out to Bandra Hill Road ..via St Peter Road via Baba Nagar which was my first workplace several years back..the road extreme right a no entry goes to Bandra Bazar Road via the Shia Mosque ,,from here you can go to Chapel road or Bandra Hill Road but you cant enter this road from Waroda Road or Chapel Road but the two wheelers and cyclists dont bother about road laws so in a way it gets jam packed with no traffic cops ,, and forced two way traffic,, tempos and trucks ,.

The Bandra Bazar is a market with half the road taken away by hawkers on  both sides of the roads , nothing was done to make stalls for them as they are here since three generations , Bhaiyyas and the Marathi Manoos ,, so the demoliti…

The Muslim Man

He is 75 year old , he has lived in Bandra for 55 years , he struggled , when this area was like a swamp..and I meet him reading the papers during my walks , I am very fond of him, he is a very soft spoken person , and does not mind my taking his pictures ,, he is very proud of his children in diverse fields , he educated them and set them in life .

He stays near the Sunni Bandra Reclamation mosque ,we got to know each other since Feb 2015 when I began walking seriously and rigorously.

He is a Sunni I am a Shia but it hardly matters we are both Muslims of Bandra we dont wear blinkers and we both see the world where we live in beyond sectarian difference ,,he reads the paper and sometimes does not even know I am shooting his picture , he has a very benevolent face , a face etched with lines traversing in subtlety , speaking silently of his migration from a village in UP to Mumbai and now a pucca Mumbaikar like me ,, and do you really have to be born in Bandra to be a Bandraite ,,his c…

Happy 69 Independence Day

जहाँ हर बालक इक मोहन हैं और राधा इक इक बाला जहाँ सूरज सबसे पहले आ कर डाले अपना फेरा वो भारत देश हैं मेरा

Asma My Friend ,,A Chance Meeting

I met Asma or Rishi as she called herself at Ajmer Station while returning from the Urus 5 years back.. I shot her pictures as the train was late ,and as we were traveling to Mumbai..
She told me of her struggle as a crossdresser as a dancer , and her Muslim parentage , how she overcame all this and worked hard to give her parents a home her brothers a shop and invested wisely ,, but she was headstrong and though there was much opposition from her conservative relatives she did not budge , worked with dignity and I met her accidentally after so many years at Bandra Hill Road,,

Once she and Ritu a hijra had come to my place to meet my family as men , and my wife could not believe they lived another life as women.  Ritu is a transgender , but Asma decided not to live or become a hijra .

We spoke of old times and she was wondering what happened to my bulk load of picture on the Hijra community I told her barring a few I had disabled the rest from public view completely ,,I have no regre…

apani aazadi ko ham haragiz mita sakate nahi sar kata sakate hai lekin sar jhuka sakate nahi

Happy Independence Day To All My Friends

A Day In The Life of a Photo Blogger

posted at Facebook first ..

Unlike most of you who post updates without a picture or some GIF or share another persons picture as your update ..I simply cant do it ,does not work for me here at Facebook , so I went to my Flickr archive bought forward a picture changing the Exif data from June 2015 to the current date ,,this post is blank at the moment at Flickr I shall cross blog it from here to Flickr .
In the evening at about 6 pm , I went to Bandra SV road to get bloodworms for my flowerhorns I have some exotic ones about 8...after I bought the worms I decided to go see my ear cleaners friends Nabi , Kassim and Raju..
I was carrying my DSLR too, I met Kassim bhai , he was grumbling business was bad as a guy perhaps a drunkard had drowned at the Talao the pond ..he was fished out by the cops ..and there is no security , kids come and fish here , the BMC cares a fuck.. to put it more aptly ..dead Indians are the best Indians .
Well I decided to bring a smile on Kassim bhais face I s…