Friday, September 28, 2012

Shooting Pictures Is Not As Easy As You Think..

i hate posting
pictures at facebook
i post only links
i shoot garbage
make you feel the stink
metaphoric melodies
that irrationally blink
every armor has a chink
i write on the soul
of time turn it
into ink a circle
of confusion
within a cosmic rink
manacled chained
to debauched destiny
with every step
they clink ..
i float i drown
i resurface
i sink

from a beggars bowl
i soothe my thirst
a drop

i drink

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra Reclamation 2012

Advocate Ashish Shelar My Patron And Well Wisher

Mr Raj Thackeray At Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati Pandal

There was a huge crowd of BJP cadres volunteers well wishers , , the entire road from Bandra Reclamation Lal Mitti was waiting to greet Raj Saab...

Advocate Ashish Shelars pandal a replica of Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapu is ornate , aesthetic and historical..worth a visit..

This pandal was shot by my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir one year old sitting on a chair assisted by me on the Canon EOS 60D .. and I am sorry to say I was disappointed with my Canon camera as it gave me a lot of problem and I missed out on a lot of shots because of a focusing problem..and I had gone all the way to Canon Service Center Natraj Rustomjee and it was a real bad experience today.. I hope the Canon technicians are reading this ..

My photography is purely to promote cultural harmony and I am documenting Hope Hindutva as a message of peace with more than 40000 Hindu blogs ..I have shot the GSB Seva Mandal visarjan and hopefully will walk barefeet with Lalbagh Chya Raja from his pandal till Kumbharwada to shoot Do Tanki felicitation of the Raja by the Muslims of that area .. something the media never shoots .. I have shot this beautiful gesture of goodwill for many years ..

I have created set on Flickr of Advocate Ashish Shelars contribution to society particularly Bandra a service that goes beyond caste color or creed .. he is loved by all communities and with a large number of Muslims working by his side doing social awareness programmes .. assisted by his erstwhile wife a lawyer too,

John Dixon Howling Dervesh Passed Away To Soon

John Dixon died suddenly last week.
I know John was a great fan of yours, and I regret you never actually met in person.
I am sure you will share a laugh or two with him in Paradise, but hopefully not too soon.
Dave Hazell.

his love for me
was gods gift
a boon he leaves
his foot prints
on the sands
of time silence
re echoes
on the sand
dunes oh
death where
is thy sting
a dervesh
dances round
round a cosmic
circle immune
rumi has found
a friend willowy
white robes
dark side of
the moon
away from
chaos away
from hurricanes
a poet in a swoon
he could not
make it to
India kiss
feel steal
the soul
of monsoon
a poet
born with
a silver spoon

being a father was a piece of cake being a grandfather .. keeps me awake

My 245,108 Photo Blog At Flickr.Com 2,041,771 views till date

I joined Flickr 10 June 2007

Thanks to all of you in humility and gratitude ...

7 Day Ganpati Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

And They Say Bloggers Dont Shoot Pictures .. Actually We Dont Shoot Pictures We Create Pictures Before They Are Born

The Shivas Eye .. And The African Star Ruby ..Are Part of the Humility of My Hand

Bappa Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Bappa Kahi Pan Kara Purcha Varshi Laokar Ya

Lord You Must Get Me A New Job ..My Boss Cuts Half Day Salary If I Come 15 Minutes Late