Monday, January 7, 2013

During Moharam Shia Children Do Not Require Parental Guidance

And most of them cut their heads a ritual known as Kama Zani or cutting their chests with blade known as Blade Matam , or scourging the back known as zanjir mata.

Shia kids also walk on ire on the Khandak ritual known as Ak Ka Matam.

And the blood letting rituals happen predominantly on 10 Moharam known as Ashura , 40 day of Moharam known as Chehlum and the last day of two month eight day mourning period known as Athvi.

Shia kids also do the same Moharam rituals during 21 Ramzan Martrdom of Imam Ali .

Mostly parents dont tell their kids anything, and this is the only time he has control over his actions..

we both are lucknow born..

the shia is related by blood to all other shias.. we have the same hussaini blood group

I Was Sponsored By Princess Zehra To Shoot Blood Sweat And Tears Of Her Children

shooting pictures was very easy .. it was saving emotions that was tough

if only death could kill a shia...

the shias have been persecuted for 1400 years .. for telling the truth terrorism exists in islam.. yazid is more alive than dead

i shoot blood as clearly as the dreams in a persons eye

Aye Kash Main Bhi Hota Maidan E Kerbala Main..

Nasl-E-Yazeediat Ko Aisa Sabak Sekhata Naam-O-Nasab B Apna Har Fard Bhool Jata

the mobile phone ..put anselm adams to sleep forever

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

we were born to cry and bleed and curse yazid

Hamari Gawaie Hamara Khoon Deta Hai.. Hindustan Se Karbala Main Behta Hai..

Chehlum In Lucknow 2013

the sabils offered hot sweet milk sherbet and water from nakhas till talkatora

Baney Bhai Kama Matam Veteran Lucknow

stopping the bleeding is the art of bandage

my kama matam chehlum lucknow 2013

most of the injuries are caused by people pulling the kama from the hands

the fear of death does not exist.. such is the power of ghame hussain

my kama matam chehlum lucknow 2013

no ointment no shots no anti biotics only faith and rose water..

my kama matam chehlum lucknow 2013

the source of the river called ghame hussain..

I nourish my poetry of life with blood,,i am roots within mud

I prefer to shoot moharam in other cities other than my own

this is the genre of my faith and the genre of my photography

I can only tell you about Shia kids with pictures I am bad with words

The Shias Of Lucknow Chehlum 2013

The Shias Of Lucknow Chehlum 2013