Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ashiqs House Majlis Bandra Bazar Road

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Ashiq is a very dear friend I can never refuse , his house majlis was soon after mine got over , and as I was busy serving the niyaz to my guests I reached Ashiqs house when the majlis had ended and the matam was going on , Ashiq is very popular person among the Shias of Mumbai , a computer whiz, he house was jam packed so the people had to sit on the road too , so these are a frames of his majlis and my love for him and his family, and our tribute to an unending tide of life called Ghame Hussain.

For Tadgolas Head to Bandra Bazar Road

The tadgolas are back with a vengeance ,and at home Marziya me and her father are tadgola freaks.Its the cleaning them that is a pain, but the fruit is delicious,all the tadgola guys know us personally and sell us the tadgolas the very best for Rs 30 to Rs 35 a dozen.The one who has a cart at Bandra Bazar Road opposite the mutton market , is the best , in terms of quality and service.

People who come to buy from him place the order 4 or 5 dozen , go away finish their shopping and return to pick up the fresh juicy tadgolas.

He normally hires young guys to help , but most of them take him for a ride .

Than you have another one at Boran Road close to Bandra Hill Road.

One guy sells at Bandra Ram Mandir Road close to the Jain Mandir too, but at the moment he is selling guavas he sits at Bandra Bazar next to Kalpana Travels.

The guy who has a big clientele is in the lane that exits out at Bandra Talav next to where the banana whole seller stalls are.

We normally buy the very kaula ones , small tender and they melt in your mouth..

Tadgolas is a street fruit that you enjoy sucking in public too...

Marziya Shakir and Uncle Salman Khan

Marziya Shakir and Uncle Salman Khan

Marziya Shakir and Uncle Salman Khan

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This evening Salman Bhai called me home for some urgent work, and so Marziya and my wife accompanied me to his house on seeing Marziya , Salman Bhai just could not believe she was my grand daughter.

I took a few shots and along with my wife and Marziya rushed to the Bandra East Moharam Juloos.

Bandra The Uncrowned Queen of Garbage

Death of the Bandra Gaothan

Marziya and The Scapegoat

Marziyas early childhood was spent with Bandra Bazar goats , and her favorite was Jimba who was slaughtered this year for Bakra Idd..

If Marziya sees a goat she will leave my hand and start following the goat, she calls them Bakri..

And goats too love Marziya knowing that they live on borrowed time the butchers shadow like Yamraj following them wherever they go, so Marziyas touch her presence is a much needed solace and reprieve for the scapegoat.

Marziya is the little pedestrian princess for the goats and they talk animatedly in a language I have yet to is a language without words, its a language that Jesus understood when he said Blessed are the Meek for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

And today Marziya did two new things she met Uncle Salman Khan with me and my wife at his house , and Uncle Salman Khan just could not get over Marziya , after that from Salman Bhais house we left for the 25 Safar Zainul Abedins Moharam juloos at Bandra East.. I was just in time for the majlis had started , Marziya and my wife left after the majlis I shot the blood and gore next upload hopefully..

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