Wednesday, January 22, 2014

YEDA YEDA YEDA Soul of the Am Admi At Stake

Most Of The Mad People I Shoot I Never See Them Again

Barring one madman , who stays in the vicinity , many madmen who come to Bandra are nomadic itinerant and lost in transit both mind and bodily ,,this madman I shot 4 years back.. and than one day he just did not turn up ,,simply swept away by the waves of timeless thought .
no one knows from where he came
a part of the scenic soul of bandra
he became .. now for heavens sake
dont ask his name ,,nameless a face
sun baked , a body wretched dirty
mud caked the sadness sorrow
the ache was this the image
of mankind solidly morbidly
a godly mistake was it him
or the moment that was fake
..a shot that kept me dreamless
nightly awake soul
writhing like a captive snake
Soul of the Aam Admi at Stake

The Beggars Bowl

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Subject: I read this passage from Tagore and immediately thought of you
Date: 22nd January, 2014

I LIVED ON THE shady side of the road and watched my neighbours' gardens across the way reveling in the sunshine.
I felt I was poor, and from door to door went with my hunger.
The more they gave me from their careless abundance the more I became aware of my beggar's bowl.
Till one morning I awoke from my sleep at the sudden opening of my door, and you came and asked for alms.
In despair I broke the lid of my chest open and was startled into finding my own wealth.

thank you lotus
a born beggar
i am..caught
in a vortex
of confusion
chaos like
traffic jam
as positive
shade contrast
my lifes bubble
held as histogram
begging with beggars
at holy shrines
my mind re programmed
life is nothing..a moment
held to the destiny of
of the gasping breath
of a sacrificial lamb

Tears On The Soul of The British Residency

This was old time
charm of old
Once called
no more now

Tehzeeb Adab
Ab kahan se laun
UP ka Massiha
kise banaun ,,
Taqt be baitha hai
Waqt ka Phiraun..

The Grass Was Once Green On The Other Side

ravages of time
the scourge of
mankind ,,
moments once
in bloom silently
died ..a pain
the morbid soul
of the walls
cant hide
flowers on their
lawn not part
of their heritage
teary eyed
wordless they
rebuke and chide
to the silence
of the weeping
winds they confide
on the wings of
angels ..hope
astride ..beneath
the fleshy soil
longing bodies
even in death
unified .. the glory
of England her
children her pride
into the heart
of India ossified

Man Is Just Another Brick In The Wall

by his desire
doomed to fall
man is an
a tiny speck
in the cosmos
all in all
he thinks
he is huge
gigantic tall
in the eyes
of nature
he is smallest
of small..
his shadow
on the hope
of humanity
creates a
deathly pall
he assumes
like his maker
he is also
a creator
by default
turns out
he is the
his pride
his arrogance
his downfall

Yes Walls Do Have Ears And Eyes

the good old
times nostalgic
moments lost
in oblivion
do moments
ever die
the walls
let out a sigh
revelry wine
woman song
thoughts defy
a few walls
begin to cry
the good old
master of the
house ..his
mirth so nice
how suddenly
time flies
naked walls
snatched of
their beauty
ornate glory
by lost hope
lost illusions
lost paradise
walls badly

Crime And Police Are Mostly In Collusion

that they were
created for
the common
man is merely
an illusion
a new form
of policing
law and order
is the need of
the hour ,,
not mere

Sometimes and most of the times the police are aware of every single network of crime operating in the city , matka dens , prostitution rings , and they exist without hindrance ,flourish prosper because crime is patronized and oils the machinery of generating wealth to the patrons protectors of crime it politicians or cops .. well oiled system of evil and corruption,, and this will never change ..because we are so busy in our mess , that we have no time to bring in positive change . it hits us hard when our children become addicts rapist murderers and thieves ,,,

If you walk up the Bandra skywalk from the Talao end near the petrol pump, at noon , there are young Muslim kids preparing chillum and openly smoking it , who cares for the cops ..and honestly it is sad the criminals even youngsters neither fear the cops or the consequence .. and there are good cops but maybe not that many as .. evil creates more evil,,as a street photographer we see so much dirt ugliness but sadly those who are the guardians of law and order dont see it..

Most of the railway stations Bandra East LTT are hubs of criminal activity , but nothing has been done , they are still isolated and crime prone..

So was Mr Arvind Kejriwals Dharna justified ..Somebody one day would have to do it in Mumbai too once he becomes our new Chief Minister ..I think..

Supernatural possession

Supernatural possession

Demonic possession, psychokinetic control of a person by the Devil or other malevolent spirit
Spirit possession, psychokinetic control of the behavior of a living thing or natural object by a spiritual being

she surrendered
her body mind
soul to the powers
that be ..controlling
her completely
as much as she
tries they wont
let her free
is what you
see hurling
at all
god save
this woman
is the crowds
plea ..a moment
snatched from
eternity .. burning
fires of her cosmic
fate on the pyre
of her destiny